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  1. Uncertaindrummer

    Understanding Catholicism/ Dialogue with other

    Not true. The priesthood is and always has been the only group of individuals capable of that feat.
  2. Uncertaindrummer

    Roman Catholic: Dissent

    Scott, you terrify me. I once thought you were an orthodox Catholic. Apparently, that is not the case. I always knew you were liberal, but crass liberality to this extreme of self righteous arrogance is unbelievable. No matter what your motives in posting this nonsense—sometimes egregiously...
  3. Uncertaindrummer

    The Great Apostasy

    I must say this thread will be an exercise in futility... it is such a broad topic that with a few people posting everthing will start getting lost. I think an important thing to remember though, is that the burden of proof for the "great apostasy" is on the LDS church. Not only that but some...
  4. Uncertaindrummer

    Why do YOU have the right to vote on MY rights?

    First, it is NOT just a euphemism for divorce, and second, you are correct, tons of "Catholics" these days DON'T understand what they are getting into. A lot of it has to do with how uneducated and unprincipled many of them are. This has come about due to massive loss of touch with morals and...
  5. Uncertaindrummer

    Did the True Church Apostasized?

    I have read through this whole thread and still not found one single example of when where why and what the "apostasy" entails...
  6. Uncertaindrummer

    Errors And Contradictions In Bible

    Says who? The Bible never says one 24 hour period. either way, people who look for errors in the Bible will find them. You always get what you want. Remidns me of a quote "The man who believes he can and the man who believes he can't are both right". Well the man who looks for truth and the...
  7. Uncertaindrummer

    Is it okay to hit your children?

    Amen. Absolutely.
  8. Uncertaindrummer

    Is it okay to hit your children?

    I think only in the most extreme cases would I hit my child. And even then I would probably regret it later. We won't make the world less violent by hitting kids.
  9. Uncertaindrummer

    The actual point......

    Well obviously, if you don't believe in life after death or anything of the sort, there is NO point to religion. That's like asking what is the point of prayer when one does not believe in God. Obviously, there is none.
  10. Uncertaindrummer

    Should a Christian celebrate Halloween?

    lol, Halloween is always a blasted hot night where I live...
  11. Uncertaindrummer

    Catholic: Eastern Schism

    Well this is interesting... The Orthodox Church broke away because of the excommunication of the Patriarch of Constantinople? Exactly what authority did the Orthodox Church have to deny an exommunication, and if you think the problem lies with the lack of authortiy of Rome to assert that...
  12. Uncertaindrummer

    Catholic: Eastern Schism

    For all those Orthodox on the site: What is the position of the Orthodox Church on WHY they split from Rome? When do you say it happened, why do you say it happened, over what, etc. I think this would be an interesting thing to debate.
  13. Uncertaindrummer

    Should a Christian celebrate Halloween?

    Santa was started by the Coca Cola company a little over a century ago. Not by pagans.
  14. Uncertaindrummer

    Christian Salvation

    Paul never says anything of the sort, although he does say we cannot be saved by works of the law. This is put into context though by James assertion that we are not saved by Faith alone. Paul does teach that works cannot save us--they can't--but then again neither can. We need God's grace...
  15. Uncertaindrummer

    Should a Christian celebrate Halloween?

    Spell it out to me, I don't see much of a difference.
  16. Uncertaindrummer

    Catholic Church has never Changed doctrine.

    I don't think reunion is something that can happen easily. It has been almost a millenium, afterall. But when people refuse to admit something simple (like the fact that Pope Honorious never promulgated heresy and was indeed condemned only for not RESPONDING strongly enough to a heresy), it does...
  17. Uncertaindrummer

    Catholic Church has never Changed doctrine.

    Heh. Out of curiosity, who is "the Prophet" anyway?
  18. Uncertaindrummer

    Catholic Church has never Changed doctrine.

    That is a strikingly good parallel.
  19. Uncertaindrummer

    Do you believe that Bible is from

    And you call yourself a Christian?! Yes, the individual authors WROTE the books under inspiration, but ultimately they came from God.
  20. Uncertaindrummer

    Should a Christian celebrate Halloween?

    I can't believe almsot %50 said no... what the heck do you guys want to do? Havbe your kids hate you so they do nothing but reject all the IMPORTANT stuff you are trying to tell them? I see this so often with super-conservative Christians. They nitpick on the little thigns so much that the...