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  1. andyjamal

    The Random, Meaningless Announcements Thread!

    ...went to the metal show last night ... it rocked!:jam:
  2. andyjamal

    It's all so overwhelming

    I think praying helps to quiet the mind and awaken the spirit thus allowing one to focus and appreciate what it is one is truly seeking and also to reduce the tendency to become distracted from the goal so that what we seek may be recognized when it is presents itself.
  3. andyjamal

    What do YOU seek??

    I seek to be one with myself. I seek to be devoid of self. I seek community. I seek love. I seek justice. I seek to possess that which others may seek, though I won't call it my own.
  4. andyjamal

    It's all so overwhelming

    Well, I believe the fundamental purpose of religion is spiritual guidance. So, perhaps you shouldn't think about it too much. Probably the best thing to do is pray for guidance. "To whom?", you might ask--just address that strongest feeling in your innermost heart. Then, just keep your eyes (and...
  5. andyjamal

    Quote of the Day

    It behoveth thee to sever thyself from all desires save thy Lord, the Supreme, expecting no help or aid from anyone in the universe, not even from thy father or children. Resign thyself to God! Content thyself with but little of this world's goods! Verily, economy is a great treasure. If one of...
  6. andyjamal

    Do you get smart when you die?

    I think that existence in general is much simpler in the afterlife, especially in reference to an individual's existence, for it will consist of only a soul, a unified entity, not comprised of parts (I think (never been there)).
  7. andyjamal

    Quote of the Day

    Oh, you know--up and down. Such is life.:seesaw:
  8. andyjamal

    New Again

    Thank you!
  9. andyjamal

    Quote of the Day

    "My calamity is My providence, outwardly it is fire and vengeance, but inwardly it is light and mercy. Hasten thereunto that thou mayest become an eternal light and an immortal spirit. This is My command unto thee, do thou observe it."...
  10. andyjamal


  11. andyjamal


  12. andyjamal

    Quote of the Day

    It is certain that the greatest of instrumentalities for achieving the advancement and the glory of man, the supreme agency for the enlightenment and the redemption of the world, is love and fellowship and unity among all the members of the human race. Nothing can be effected in the world, not...
  13. andyjamal

    Thank you for keeping the Quote of the Day going. Wow, over 19,000 views! That's pretty cool.

    Thank you for keeping the Quote of the Day going. Wow, over 19,000 views! That's pretty cool.
  14. andyjamal

    ...born and raised...(36 yrs)

    ...born and raised...(36 yrs)
  15. andyjamal

    Do you get smart when you die?

    I believe that we continue to progress in the afterlife. A person may not automatically become more intelligent upon the event of death, but they will at that time be endowed with a greater capacity for intelligence; for, their mind will no longer be associated with a physical brain which may be...
  16. andyjamal

    New Again

  17. andyjamal

    New Again

    Hi all! I'm not exactly new, but it's been years since I've been to the site; so, I thought it might be appropriate to re-introduce myself here.
  18. andyjamal

    ...sorry about the delay in accepting your friend request. I'm only just visiting this site for...

    ...sorry about the delay in accepting your friend request. I'm only just visiting this site for the first time in over 3 years.
  19. andyjamal

    Abrahamic Bahai

    Obviously, to understand anything percieved, interpretation must take place. As Baha'is we are obligated to study the Writings, strive to understand them, and act according to our understanding. So, yes, in this sense the members of the UHJ are constantly involved in interpretation of the...
  20. andyjamal

    how many times do you go to services

    I'm not sure which, if any, of the functions that I attend at my local Baha'i center would be considered "services", as we have no clergy. As far as the more formal events (Feasts and Holy Day celebrations): approx. 15, children's classes: approx. 30, and deepenings: approx. 45. So, I go to the...