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  1. SeekerOnThePath

    Evolution and a Muslim's perspective

    Your post is rhetorically convincing but not hermeneutically convincing. It speaks of creation in a generalized manner, it also does not state that humans were the first creatures on earth. It speaks of the average birth in a similar manner to the creation of Adam. As various Hadith state, the...
  2. SeekerOnThePath

    Quran and New Testament, are they the same in authorship, manuscript evidence, textual reliability?

    You know they say the same thing about the Old Testament itself being a rip off of Babylonian, Sumerian and Canaanite mythology (Yahweh and El afterall where literally deities in their pantheon) created to support conquests (read Joshua, 1&2 Kings, Chronicles, etc) and temporal powers (from the...
  3. SeekerOnThePath

    Do you ever get angry at God? Ever thought of praying to another Spirit/Kami/entity?

    It's impossible to get angry at God (the ultimate reality, al-Haqq, al-Nur, As-Samad, Ahad, the ground of reality without attributes). It's easy to get angry at corporeal beings (humans) within the world though, yes. Both completely different.
  4. SeekerOnThePath

    Abrahamic God = Brahman???

    The lesson here is that Abrahamics have to shut up and take it and be shoved their religion by people who don't understand a damn thing about it. God is not a being/entity, I repeat God is not a being/entity. Why do I feel like I'm having to teach preschoolers here?
  5. SeekerOnThePath

    Abrahamic God = Brahman???

    And as it says in the quoted Hadith: He says to it: “Be and it is,” without a word or speech expressed by tongue, or by imagination or by thought. His Will is expressed without form in the same way that He is without form "Be and it is" (Kun Fayakun) is a phrase which does not denote words...
  6. SeekerOnThePath

    Abrahamic God = Brahman???

    As I've already quoted from an authoritative primary source, I'll quote it again:
  7. SeekerOnThePath

    Abrahamic God = Brahman???

    The founders, the prophets, the texts themselves. This is the key thing which distinguishes the Abrahamic religions, their opposition to idolatry and associators (mushrikun). I've literally quoted many primary sources here. Abrahamic God = Brahman??? Abrahamic God = Brahman??? Abrahamic God...
  8. SeekerOnThePath

    Abrahamic God = Brahman???

    Then we believe the same things, as shown above. You mean to say Imam al-Kazim, the speaker of that Hadith and the seventh successor to Prophet Muhammad, a member of the Ahl al-Bayt. Lol, the Middle East IS the East.
  9. SeekerOnThePath

    Abrahamic God = Brahman???

    I am not "preaching" or proselytizing anything. I am showing you from primary sources that what I said before is not my "opinion", it is orthodox teaching, unlike what you accused of me.
  10. SeekerOnThePath

    What are your core values?

    As an atheist, my core values are millimetres, inches, feet, yards, centimetres, kilometres, lightyears, degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit.
  11. SeekerOnThePath

    Abrahamic God = Brahman???

    As found in much of Hindu yogic tradition, self-identification with the various deities is common place, even among Vaishavites who still see self-identification with Krishna/Vishnu as being part of the path to realizing Brahman, despite that Vaishnavism is dualistic. The majority of Shaivites...
  12. SeekerOnThePath

    Abrahamic God = Brahman???

    Not in place of the belief of the transcendent ultimate reality (without attributes) of Brahman, and not even taken literally a lot of the time (many Hindus don't believe in the literal existence of any particular deity but see them as symbols, aka Bhakti itself), and still if taken as a literal...
  13. SeekerOnThePath

    Abrahamic God = Brahman???

    Some more Hadith from the Ahl al-Bayt on the matter: Muhammad ibn Yahya has narrated from Muhammad ibn al-Husayn from ibn abu ‘Umayr from Hisham ibn Salim from Muhammad ibn Muslim who has said the following. “I heard Imam al-Baqir (a.s.) saying, ‘Allah, to Whom belong Might and Majesty, existed...
  14. SeekerOnThePath

    Abrahamic God = Brahman???

    As as what many of you have said about the God of Abraham on this thread, completely foreign and alien to me as well, and slightly offensive too (calling God a 'entity, being' et al :rolleyes::rolleyes: )
  15. SeekerOnThePath

    Abrahamic God = Brahman???

    Abrahamic God = Brahman???
  16. SeekerOnThePath

    Abrahamic God = Brahman???

    As the Following Hadith says: Hisham ibn al-Hakam who has said the following: “Once I asked Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq, recipient of divine supreme covenant, about the names of Allah and about the root or derivative forms of those names, ‘What is the root word for the word Allah?’ The Imam replied...
  17. SeekerOnThePath

    Allah being merciful

    Actually Allah means "The God" in Arabic, not just "god". The generic word for "god" in Arabic is Lah. Allah is a word that is singular and absolute. The term Allah necessitates strict monotheism/monism. There aren't multiple Allah's, that is a contradiction of the definition itself. But in...
  18. SeekerOnThePath

    Do I resemble an Antichrist in your opinion?

    Yes, that would make you globalist, but not antichrist. It'd just make you a Christian (a believer in the One-Church) a more sincere one. As Paul says in Colossians 1: "and giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom...