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  1. opuntia

    Did Jesus really have to die for our sins?

    First of all, what is sin? John states that "sin is the transgression of the law." (1John 3:4; KJV). Paul says we "all have sinned." (Romans 3:23). Everyone has violated divine law. So, if we are subject to a law, then the violation of it brings forth punishment. Every day people are being sent...
  2. opuntia

    If I am not a sinner, do I need a savior?

    A man without sin is perfect. Are you telling us you are perfect? If you are, we should come to you for answers just like the people came to Jesus for answers. You must be like Jesus? Shall we call you Jesus? Can you answer any and all questions that will be posed to you, Perfect Man without...
  3. opuntia

    "Jesus as an openly gay man"

    The scriptures have been twisted before by others and will be twisted again. There is a warning given by Peter that no scripture is of any private interpretation (2 Peter 3:15-16). Any interpretation must conform to God's will. If it does not conform, trouble will come to those who have twisted...
  4. opuntia

    Why the Christians have the false assumption that they are going to Heaven

    Entering Heaven is like entering a society. There are rules or regulations which specify what you need in order to enter therein. Even satanic societies will not admit just anyone, they must abide by the rules specified. If you know what it takes to enter Heaven you will get in. If you do not...
  5. opuntia

    Atheism: A belief?

    See http://www.religiousforums.com/forum/law/29678-atheism-religion-under-first-amendment-ruling.html
  6. opuntia

    Five Reasons to Reject Belief in Gods

    You actually need no reason to reject belief in Gods. Why go through all that assumed reasoning to do it? Just reject them and be done with it. If others want to believe in them, it is their decision to make and not yours.
  7. opuntia

    Is there a need for religion?

    If you assume that all people who practice religion understand it well you would be wrong. The reason we have so much trial and error with people of religion is that they do not understand religion as they should. If all those people truly understood religion they would be the most peaceful...
  8. opuntia

    Does God forgive soldiers?

    God commanded Joshua and his army to attack the people occupying the Promised Land. There have been wars and armies in the Bible, some even supported by God. If you look at the Ten Commandments, it says "Thou shalt not kill." The Jews say it should read "Thou shalt not murder." Self-defense is...
  9. opuntia

    Where is Heaven?

    Here if you know where to look. Let's start with the earth itself. All life upon it is fleeting as we understand death is the tool that makes it so. We know that there is no visible eternity here. So, why are we here? To experience that fleetingness, to experience pain and sorrow. In Heaven we...
  10. opuntia

    What is faith without works and is baptism necessary?

    Baptism is necessary if people want to enter into the kingdom of God. As for faith, people can believe without being a member of that kingdom but they will not receive any of the benefits a baptised person will receive. If you will study the matter as one being a matter of entering into a...
  11. opuntia

    Can an Islamist party be truly Democratic

    We have Christians to thank for our present state of affairs. When this country was formed, it was not the Jews, Muslims or any other religion that formed many persons' religious base but Christianity. It is accepted by Islam that Jesus and Moses are prophets of God, therefore why would Islam be...
  12. opuntia

    What evidence for God

    We may argue all day if God exists, but neither you or any other nonbeliever will achieve knowledge. But if we argue that God himself is the one that must provide that necessary knowledge, then it is up to the nonbeliever to obtain a revelation from that God. And whosoever does obtain anything...
  13. opuntia

    Does God Exist?

    To say that God does not exist requires the proponent to have knowledge obtained by traversing the universe. One would have to have traveled throughout all that exists and looked into every corner or space and is satisfied that no such being exists. Otherwise all that is said without that...
  14. opuntia

    Who says Christ did away with the Law??

    If you mean all of the law, we would study the Ten Commandments. But if you mean the Mosaic Law, then we would study how the law applied to Temple worship. You failed to mention the Temple that existed in Jerusalem and the movable Tabernacle which the Levites took care of. The Law of Moses...
  15. opuntia

    Question for Christians

    To say that any one religion that exists today in Catholicism or Protestantism is the real Church Jesus established would be in error. When Jesus established his Church, he ordained 12 men (apostles) to head the Church in his absence (Luke 6:13; John 15:16). Do you see them in action today...
  16. opuntia

    If God created everything who created God?

    Whether or not we believe in God, we may think He is alone in the universe. That may be in error. Who says there are no other Gods? The God we deal with is our personal God and so we think there is no other God out there. It may surprise you that I think there is more than one God out there...
  17. opuntia

    What happens to us when we die, what is the afterlife?

    Whenever anyone passes on to the next life, they are shedding their physical clothes, i.e. the flesh. This human body acts as a shield or veil to that spiritual world. At times some do view that other world for their benefit or for others. I can say it is like this: We are conscious of our...
  18. opuntia

    Is Native American religion restricted those with Native American ancestry?

    Although I accept Christianity today, I grew up in our native religion. Possibly the best answer is that you would fare better if you were a part of the tribe simply because all religious activities involve native members only. For centuries religion has been practiced within a tribal setting...
  19. opuntia

    "Perception is reality" - or is it?

    Life is about change. We never achieve a position in which we can stand forever. We grow old, we can grow wise, we may achieve heights we thought we never could, or we could descend into a personal hell of drug abuse and wasting away. Our bodies are certainly not a place where one will find...
  20. opuntia

    The Divine Feminine in the Christian Tradition?

    Considering the abusive nature of many human beings, it is best that the Divine Feminine of Heaven remain clothed in mystery. Females are abused enough as it is, would you want that Divine Presence to be revealed? It seems that the male figure called God is abused in the hearts, minds and...