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  1. Buddha Dharma

    Now It's Student Led Prayer at Football Games

    Well because Islam is wrong of course! Christianity is correct ;)
  2. Buddha Dharma

    How does your view help bridge differences between what you think and how you feel?

    I'll assume you don't mind a slightly different perspective about God Merc? Since you placed this in Comparative Religions. In my understanding of what the Dharma is- there is a cut off point for needing evidence of God. That is simply to understand that your self comes from God. With this...
  3. Buddha Dharma

    Do people have to stop trusting other scriptures, to trust the Quran?

    Yes, I understand and appreciate the concept of truth in other worldviews. That doesn't mean they 100% agree though. From one Dharmic perspective, it may not be useful for them to exactly agree- because all teaching addresses the needs of where people are. Some people need virtue practice at...
  4. Buddha Dharma

    Why is hell eternal?

    I believe there may be hell realms that are temporary rebirth destinations. I believe the same about several paradises.
  5. Buddha Dharma

    Why is hell eternal?

    From the perspective of the Dharma, any hell realms are temporary. They only last as long as bad karma is being used up. Hells/Narakas constitute a very complex subject though- including that not everyone gives any credibility to the concept. Touching on the complexity of the subject, for...
  6. Buddha Dharma

    Are you a nut?

    I think I am a nut. I also think the human species is generally nuts. In the good or bad way- as you mentioned.
  7. Buddha Dharma

    Introducing jimhabegger

    Okay Jim, thank you
  8. Buddha Dharma

    This is why I do not trust the police

    I think we always have to be skeptical of law enforcement, and keep them up to task- even in the best of scenarios. Because it's easy to misuse such a position, and because- law enforcement can actually be enforcing unjust laws. Then it isn't living up to the ideal of justice. It is noted that...
  9. Buddha Dharma

    Two approaches towards reforming Islam: the Bahai Faith and Ahmadiyya Islam.

    What if your reform movement is based in the idea that the religion had gone astray somewhere? Case in point: Protestant Christianity. In the context and framework of Christianity- I do find many of the things Protestants suggested noteworthy and valid criticisms of the Church.
  10. Buddha Dharma

    each year many unborn babies are deliberately aborted.

    Ah okay, another abortion thread. I'll restate as in previous threads: it is impossible for me to treat abortion as a black and white issue. Dharmically speaking, the fetus is a form of transitory life. It is developing into human cognition, and the like. It isn't there yet. For me the morality...
  11. Buddha Dharma

    Real bad day

    Alright, well if you ever want to talk about it- I'm willing to listen, and only give suggestions if you want them.
  12. Buddha Dharma

    Ever Notice

    I'm sorry if it seemed like I was accusing you of approaching the Quran non-contextually. I apologize. I was speaking generally to folks that might read it and take it no further. I don't know enough about language translation to refute your other point, so I'll have to take your word for it...
  13. Buddha Dharma

    "Catholic League: Priests Deserve Credit for the Sex Abuse They DIDN’T Commit"

    I was just wondering if you thought that was part of the Church's continuing cover ups, moving the Priests, around etc. Wanted your opinion on it...
  14. Buddha Dharma

    Real bad day

    I am sorry you're having a hard time :( I know there probably isn't much I can say in the way of ideas that would speak to the suffering you're feeling. I am sorry. I don't want to pretend I know more about your situation than I do, so I'll stop there. Just know that you are loved by me, for...
  15. Buddha Dharma

    "Catholic League: Priests Deserve Credit for the Sex Abuse They DIDN’T Commit"

    Do you think this could relate to some idea of the Church leadership- that they aren't, or should not be subject to secular institutions like law enforcement and courts?
  16. Buddha Dharma

    Do people have to stop trusting other scriptures, to trust the Quran?

    Certainly, one can resolve certain contradictions with themselves, if they look at these books differently. However, that's a different matter than if the Quran and other books really agree. I don't find that they do. You would describe yourself as a Baha'i yes? I'll continue from this...
  17. Buddha Dharma

    Ever Notice

    Since you asked for my experience reading the Quran- that is what I'll give you. I find that I might come away from the Quran with that message if I put it in no further context. The same can be said of the Bible, as you acknowledge. I understand that the Quran has a heavily historical context...
  18. Buddha Dharma

    "Catholic League: Priests Deserve Credit for the Sex Abuse They DIDN’T Commit"

    Is he the same guy that recently suggested that it's not wrong if no penetration takes place? I know someone recently said something like that, claiming to represent the Church. That's scary... It's the same justification used in Iran to engage in certain actions with minors.
  19. Buddha Dharma

    Where my life has been spiritually

    In my hiatus from RF, I've been contemplating, studying, and trying to put things into perspective. Some of you will recall that I found myself hung in Buddhism, which prompted me to expound my horizons. In the time I've been away I've gradually come into Vedantic practice. Because Anatta had...
  20. Buddha Dharma

    I'm back

    I'm back