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  1. Sirona

    How do Baha’is see atheists?

    Duh ... :facepalm: Even if Baha'i disliked atheists, they wouldn't say so, because the goal of this thread, in my opinion, is to arouse sympathy for Baha'is. On the other hand, at least in this forum, Baha'is have had so many controversial discussions with theists (despite their teaching that...
  2. Sirona

    Schools in Utah ban Bible for 'vulgarity and violence'

    Hello forum, don't know whether this has caught the attention of the Satire Ministry yet. :shrug:
  3. Sirona

    Continued from: Practical aspects of life as a Baha'i - Bahais only, please

    Continued from: Practical aspects of life as a Baha'i @Truthseeker Thanks for your friendly and very informative reply. Sirona asked: 4. Why are non-Baha'is not allowed to attend a Nineteenth Day Festival? Well, you stirred my curiousity with that. I can't think of any other reason for this...
  4. Sirona

    This is probably not what ISKCON had in mind ....

    Dear @Aupmanyav , in case you’re referring to the large throne with the photo on the right side next to the Lakshmi shrine, it’s Vishwananda.
  5. Sirona

    Why do some people leave religiousforums?

    Well, someone who came here stated: "I came for religion and stayed for the comedy." This place if frequented a lot by agnostics and atheists, and there is a lot of cantankerousness based on the grounds of "logic" versus "superstition". You have to have a certain amount of fortitude to endure...
  6. Sirona

    Practical aspects of life as a Baha'i

    Dear forum, I am trying to educate myself about the practical aspects of Bahai life. Therefore, I compiled some statements which I believe to have learned. They are mostly yes/no statements, but of course, I would appreciate some clarification. If anyone wonders, my cultural frame of reference...
  7. Sirona

    Missouri nun may be in line for sainthood

    Well, even Catholic saints are becoming more racially diverse now. :) A Catholic book catalogue which I receive regularly pushes the Apparitions of Kibeho, which now is "the first Marian shrine on the African continent". The first Native American saint was canonized in 2012...
  8. Sirona

    Why do believers believe what they believe?

    I do believe that people convert to a (different) religion (often in a situation of crisis or change) because the new religion fulfills psychological needs of the convert and reduces psychological pressure. If I wanted to know why I converted, I would look into my personal biography if I were...
  9. Sirona

    Are Baha’is really grateful for tests?

    I probably suggested this to you before, but well... I used to be a Catholic and in especially in Catholic spirituality, people who suffer are considered "closer" to Christ who suffered, too, to the point of some of them having stigmata ... I'm not really an expert about Baha'ullah's life but...
  10. Sirona

    This is probably not what ISKCON had in mind ....

    at 1:13:05. Have a nice Sunday everyone.
  11. Sirona

    Should a book like this be allowed in school?

    Often enough, the blame is not on the perp but on the messenger who points out what the perp has done. Don't know whether the phrase exists in English but in German we say it's the messenger who "put his finger into the wound" is when a messenger points at the heart of the issue. So, in the book...
  12. Sirona

    Should Spirituality And Magic Services Be Outsourced?

    Well at least in Germany, you can buy "initiations" into all kinds of magical stuff on Ebay ranking from 5 € to ??? €, so I don't think it should be a problem to find a discount magician in the heart of capitalist countries. We also have a TV station which mostly broadcasts call-in shows in case...
  13. Sirona

    Do you think people that belong to jesus can be hurt by witchcraft?

    Maybe it's a pelicularity of Catholicism, but I think in a certain sense people who are afraid of witchcraft can be the most devout Christians. In the absence of God acting, they cling to the next best thing they can use as a "proof" of God - the striking existence of "Evil" "proven" by...
  14. Sirona

    This is probably not what ISKCON had in mind ....

    Namaste, today I listened to the "sermon" of the Bhakti Marga Sunday Prayers. They also base their "sermons" on a verse from Srimad Bhagavatam, but Swami Vishwananda's book on the subject is not very profound in content, to say it politely, so I was wondering which translation of the Srimad...
  15. Sirona

    Krishna Krishna Mahayogin

    Namaste, would somebody translate the mantra for me? I don't understand the last verse. Thanks. Krishna Krishna Mahayogin Bhaktanam Abhayankara Govinda Paramananda Sarvam Me Vasham Anaya
  16. Sirona

    ISKCON Swami Kadamba Kanana Maharaja passes away

    Above there is the Swami's last message. I heard him leading kirtan a couple of times in my local Hare Krishna temple and I was impressed by his amazing charisma which even shines through in his last message. He is with Krishna and Lord Chaitanya now where hopefully there will be amazing kirtans...
  17. Sirona

    Kyklos Apollon?

    Dear forum, Kyklos Apollon is a virtual circle of people who either worship Apollo (1) simultaneously all over the world at a certain date (which I don't know) or (2) on Sundays when it's t 12 p. m. locally. Does anybody know more about this? Thanks, Sirona
  18. Sirona

    My most recent workings

    @The Sum of Awe Would you mind sharing how you summoned Krishna?
  19. Sirona

    Dandapani - yet another competitor in the spirituality business

    Namaste, in my latest New Age book catalogue I found this book by a former Hindu priest seemingly preaching the new Western gospel that "everything is possible". https://www.amazon.com/Power-Unwavering-Focus-Dandapani/dp/0593420454 I don't know much about him but he is handsome. That's...
  20. Sirona

    The End of Art

    Probably not the original skin colour (Bing censors some terms) but I think the essence has been captured :grinning: Link to the website if you want to try yourself: Bing