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  1. Nimos

    Here is another: How would you react?

    Obviously, it is difficult to know exactly how to react given that we know little of what she actually said, also I don't know what country you are from. But my guess is that the majority of people who a homeless obviously don't do it because they think it's the greatest thing in the world, but...
  2. Nimos

    Do atheists believe in the distinction between Good and Evil?

    As others have said, I share the idea that good and evil are social constructs. Good and evil are fairly poorly defined, to the point where one's evil might be another's good. But as living beings, we do tend to agree on at least a majority of things which we in general consider either good an...
  3. Nimos

    Poll: The best argument against God, capital G.

    Personally, I chose "no evidence" since that covers the wider scope of the claim. Also, all the other options are more subjective in nature and not decisive arguments against God's existence and can somewhat easily be refuted. Harsh / Evil - If God is the creator of everything, including what...
  4. Nimos

    I am a neoplatonist

    If you prefer audiobook :)
  5. Nimos

    A song a day

    They have made some very cool songs this one is still my favourite, in fact, it has become one of my favourite songs altogether.
  6. Nimos

    How long will the transition take?

    This is from an article from BBC: Telecoms giant BT is to shed up to 55,000 jobs by the end of the decade, mostly in the UK, as it cuts costs. Up to a fifth of those cuts will come in customer services as staff are replaced by technologies including artificial intelligence. The headcount...
  7. Nimos

    three types of atheist????

    Nothing, one is simply unaware :) Just like we don't have names for other stuff for which we have no knowledge.
  8. Nimos

    three types of atheist????

    I don't think it does. If you have no knowledge of the concept of God(s), then you can't be agnostic about it. Also, agnosticism in my opinion is arguably more of a religious position rather than an atheistic one, as it is assumed that nothing can be known about God(s). That is not really the...
  9. Nimos

    A song a day

  10. Nimos

    Best way to get drunk?

    Gin and Tonic I think is the best drink other than that beer. But if my goal was to get drunk like at a party or something, then I prefer beers and rarely drinks, because it is too difficult to control I think :)
  11. Nimos

    200+ mass shooting hits close to home.

    I think it's also a cultural thing that is not easily changed, but I think that guns are an issue. It seems kind of weird that the amount of mass shootings in the US is so much higher than in other developed countries. I think there are almost 3-4 times as many in the US than the rest of the...
  12. Nimos

    three types of atheist????

    There is a difference. But have maybe more to do with the approach or what to say. 1. This one I wouldn't call an atheist, for the simple reason that it's kind of difficult/unfair to label or assume something about someone for which they have no knowledge, It would be like me calling you an...
  13. Nimos

    Theists & Atheists: What's an Argument that you Dislike from your own Camp? (And why?)

    I would probably agree to some degree with that. Yet the finetuning argument in itself is a somewhat weird one I think. Because it is based on the assumption that it could be any different. Maybe the Universe is as finetuned for life as it is anything else, it couldn't be any different, kind of...
  14. Nimos

    Theists & Atheists: What's an Argument that you Dislike from your own Camp? (And why?)

    I would probably go with the argument against finetuning, that a multiverse could possibly solve this if there is an infinite amount of possible Universes, then ours would eventually occur. I find it a weak argument as it is based on the assumption of infinite Universes, which there is...
  15. Nimos

    Theists please do refrain posting in this thread.

    I am open to the idea that there is something "special" beyond our Universe, meaning something that is so weird that it will make quantum physics seems logical in comparison :D But I don't think there is any intelligence behind it, but rather that it might be the only thing in existence, that...
  16. Nimos

    Above 40 yo

    Its not to late to pick up a sport. Maybe this is what you need? :D (Guess anything can be a sport :D)
  17. Nimos


    I think there is more to this than simply not agreeing with the views on transgenders. For instance, I do not think that just because a person identifies as a given gender, is enough for such a person to demand "special" treatment or for society to simply have to adjust to that. For instance...
  18. Nimos

    A Christian becomes a nonbeliever

    I have no clue. It starts with this: Revelation 1:1-3 1 - The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show to his servants the things that must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John, 2 - who bore witness to the word of God and to the testimony...
  19. Nimos

    Can Spirituality be Superior to Science?

    Agree, but that is the interesting/knowledge part of it. But will typically require one to "ruin" or to lose focus on the mysterious/beautiful part about it as you break it down. But both are fine, but sometimes it's just a benefit I think for one's mind or soul for lack of a better word, to be...
  20. Nimos

    Can Spirituality be Superior to Science?

    Depends on what you are after. I think a "spiritual" experience, leaving it undefined :D Can be healthy, turning everything into facts or scientific data seems boring to me. Having a spiritual/emotional experience simply walking around in the woods, the beach or a mountain etc. And simply...