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Search results

  1. ninerbuff

    Why racism won't go away

    First thing they need to fix is the asking of ethnicity on job applications. Why is it needed? If someone is right for the job, why does the ethnicity need to be known?
  2. ninerbuff

    Artificial Intelligence

    Lol have you ever talked to a CS AI and been satisfied on how it reacts to your questions?
  3. ninerbuff

    If you don't believe in a god, do you believe in fate, destiny, luck?

    Aren't all events SUBJECTIVE in point of view? Depending on what you believe, you can opine on whatever you think lead to the event happening.
  4. ninerbuff

    The Chauvin Trial

    If someone died from a heart attack, while you were choking them, you DON'T think that the choking had anything to probably do with it? It's not like he was "scared" into a heart attack.
  5. ninerbuff

    Fewer than half of Americans attend church - why?

    Cause EXPLANABLE things make more sense than made up stories in the bible. The younger generation is smarter now and uses logic and not rely on passed down stories that can't be proven to really have happened. Kinda like mythology.
  6. ninerbuff

    "Top Ten Shocking Beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses"

    Here's other's I've learned: Women HAVE to be sub serviant to their husbands NO MATTER WHAT. And kids can easily be molested because unless there is a confession or TWO WITNESSES, it never happened. Hearsay doesn't matter.
  7. ninerbuff

    What Is The Greatest Trick Satan Ever Pulled?

    Tricks are done by magicians..............................................see what I did there.
  8. ninerbuff

    The Art Of Bodybuilding

    Phil Heath won the Olympia again. Big Ramy 2nd.
  9. ninerbuff

    What's up with the world ending?

    This same crap has been speculated on decade after decade, century after century, millenia to millenia and guess what? It AIN'T ever gonna happen because we don't even have any empirical proof that a god exists.
  10. ninerbuff

    Leaving Scientology tv show

    I really didn't know much about Scientology, till I started watching this series. When you have former members who were high up the ladder speaking of crap they went through, yet denied and lied that it was happening.................................... Also, I look at the Church as an MLM.
  11. ninerbuff

    Let's talk about Satan

    He's a scapegoat for those who believe their view of "good" doesn't triumph over others.
  12. ninerbuff

    Afterlife Exists says Top Scientist

    Drugs do wonders.
  13. ninerbuff

    Who are you to question God? really...

    Judges can be bought off.
  14. ninerbuff

    How old should a your kid be for first date?

    Lol, should I be concerned if my daughter (8 years old) stated to me that her first date will be with girl and not a "yucky" boy?
  15. ninerbuff

    The last post is the WINNER!

    Post count is petty...............what am I at now?
  16. ninerbuff

    I said it Tuesday night and I was right!

    I predict the 9ers win this weekend because of Obama winning. Had it gone the latter, I may have gone with the Rams.
  17. ninerbuff

    240 days left until the world comes to an end

    So it's supposed to end this Friday again....................any takers?
  18. ninerbuff

    PETA: are you for them or against them?

    PETA to launch porn site in name of animal rights | The Raw Story Here's what they are up to now!
  19. ninerbuff

    "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repealed!

    End of 'don't ask, don't tell' is a 'historic day,' says Leon Panetta - MJ Lee - POLITICO.com This should **** off some of the right wingers.