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Search results

  1. yoda89

    The "F word" for those who hate the word "feminist"

    If my remarks and opinions upset you I really don't care. She asked a question and I gave my opinion. Just because I don't find everything with feminism correct and speak up about it probably scares you. Given how much it probably has to do with your self identity. You do know the belief of...
  2. yoda89

    The "F word" for those who hate the word "feminist"

    I am in awe of your lack of debating skills. Especially since your run this thing or are at least on it 24/7. What's up with that? Have you been listening to a panda bear on how to defend your position.
  3. yoda89

    The "F word" for those who hate the word "feminist"

    How do you know exactly that I have not discussed this with many people? Tell me where are these facts and images that you speak of. Just because I disagree suddenly I am wrong. I think feminism has a lot of good concepts but I'm not in awe of someone saying people should be equal. That or...
  4. yoda89

    The "F word" for those who hate the word "feminist"

    You must have heard a lot of people to have heard it 20 million ways. Perhaps, your defense would be better suited if you actually had any.
  5. yoda89

    The "F word" for those who hate the word "feminist"

    Look at the word it screams female supremacy yet says to be equal. Your basically making my point. Most feminists pretend to know what is best for all women and oppose women who disagree with them. If you do disagree your sexist and anti-women. It's a word that feeds the female-ego. The gay...
  6. yoda89

    Is the world running out of Kool-aid?

    It's a double meaning to which derives from the phrase "Do not drink the Kool-aid". The first meaning is personal that people once enjoyed Kool-aid and now do not. Although, when I did move out of my parents house I had a period of heavy drinking of Capersuns. The second means not to simply...
  7. yoda89

    Is the world running out of Kool-aid?

    Does anyone else feel like people are beginning to like less Kool-aid? Or is the amount of Non-drinkers only increased due to population. Perhaps it has more to do with artificial ingredients used now realized by informed consumers to be unhealthy and out of date. What are your thoughts on what...
  8. yoda89

    Free Will

    I'm beginning to think there no such thing as free will. Just basically a word made up to give the notions that we are more in control of our lives than we truly are. Kind of like religion.
  9. yoda89

    Why aren't BB guns banned or restricted?

    Because God guided Man to make BB guns and gave choice for the kid to shoot the animal. As God said in the bible we have domain and can do what we want. The boy should simply ask for forgiveness after every event and should be fine.
  10. yoda89

    TV show that you are watching right now

    Would I lie to you? British panel show. I really don't waste a lot of time with television
  11. yoda89

    Do you believe in Divine Justice

    Depends on your view of wicked and your philosophical ideas. Empathy and justice are a relatively new idea compared to that of survival. Therefore if society were to revert empathy and justice would go as well. There also comes into to question is survival of the fittest true justice? Are people...
  12. yoda89

    Islam and people who wear the hijab

    If you kill anybody Islam it is a sin. Unless that person opposes the religion of Islam. "God does not forbid you from being good to those who have not fought you in the religion or driven you from your homes, or from being just towards them. God loves those who are just. Allah merely forbids...
  13. yoda89

    Doctors refusing to prescribe birth control

    You are either working for someone or you have to turn on the computer to get paid. If the doctor is working for a larger hospital or corporation who says he must then yes. However, if he is private practice he easily holds the option to discriminate based on non-racial issues. Whether you like...
  14. yoda89


    I'm one of those atheists who actually believe they are on a high plain not yet understood. I have had experiences with such and while I cannot give solid proof they do seem to occur. The notion of there being a unexplained being or energy is not that hard. Especially given our limited...
  15. yoda89

    Christianity and Overpopulation

    I'm pretty sure Jesus would not have condoned sticking weapons to people's head to convert none believers. Different regions of the world place different importance on individuality compared to the needs of the many. I've had this debate and discussion with a lot of people. Most people will...
  16. yoda89

    Would socialized medicine in the United States be bad for the rest of the world

    The United States currently has the best healthcare in the whole world. The best healthcare but not the best healthcare system. Its conceivable given the amount of resources that the United States has this can be done. But my main idea is not about is it possible. My thought is that if this were...
  17. yoda89

    Why didn't Jesus write a Gospel?

    Its difficult to write when your hands are nailed down onto a piece of wood.
  18. yoda89

    If all Arms factories are strictly regulated?

    People will find ways to kill each other until some peace is achieved. Under any know system it is unobtainable. At least until we find a system that is driven by love.
  19. yoda89

    Homosexual Marriage should not be legal

    I just see a big problem and question why others do not. The divorce rates are sky high.
  20. yoda89

    Homosexual Marriage should not be legal

    You didn't read my whole post. So perhaps next time you do. I'm not against gay marriage. I am against the system of marriage we have structured today. I'm against our current system. It's outdated and falling apart. A new system needs to be developed. One in which a wide variety of loved...