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    Who Is The Lucifer To You?

    When I still was a Christian, Lucifer was only a name used by some authors, not necessarily religious, for the Devil. It was no part of my belief or my Bible. Oh, and the Dutch word for a match, which brings light when you strike it.
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    What Is Your First Language?

    First language: Swedish. Successful days, I can for several minutes convince English and German speakers that we share a mother tongue. I can sustain not too complicated conversations in French and Dutch, and I professionally translate from those languages (as well as, of course, from English...
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    Pork prohibited not only for muslims

    Neither is Hebrew the language of Acts.
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    Facts are in-Aryan Invasion Of Indus is a Lie!

    "Race" has nothing whatsoever to do with language. Vedic Sanskrit probably existed when the Vedas were composed, not the other way round. It must have been language spoken by some people at least in some circumstances. Then there were colloquials. The Sanskrits got petrified, but the colloquial...
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    Pork prohibited not only for muslims

    Alot of things to digest here:D For starters, I myself decide what I eat. But sometimes, it is fun to discuss hypothetically on for example the contents of holy books. For the subject of this thread, there's a beautiful contradiction in trying to harmonize Jesus' saying that he had not come to...
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    King James Version - Simple question.

    Archaic doesn't automatically mean beautiful. The translation errors rather makes it less beautiful.
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    Was Jesus and Buddha Vegetarian?

    I'll assume for the discussion that there was a Jesus and that the Gospels are true accounts of his life. Jesus kept the OT commandments. At the end of his life, he attended a Passover meal with his disciples. Not eating the lamb would have been so irregular and contrary to the Law that the...
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    Why are majority of Arabs, Anti-america

    But China 1) Doesn't try to replace other countries' systems with its own system. 2) Doesn't invade other countries.
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    Define Child Porn

    The two weirdest things in this, in my view, are the invasion of privacy in looking into the girl's phone charging the boys. To the best of my knowledge, there are no filters that can keep your phone from receiving certain kinds of pictures. So how could the boys even have prevented the...
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    Socialized Healthcare and the Problem of Calculation

    It's not a black or white world. In a General Health Care (GHC) system, there will often, like in Sweden, be private initiatives as well. If you're sufficiently well off and think that you have found a better way than the GHC funded ones, you're very welcome to spend any amount to shorten the...
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    S H I L O H - Genesis 49:10

    [B][SIZE=2][FONT=Arial] You've got a major problem in that Jesus (if he existed) according to Jewish laws and customs (and what else would have been applicable in the OT?) wasn't of Judah or David lineage. Lineage was only concerned with fathers, so without a human father, you had no relatives.
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    A survey on aesthetic perceptions of images of Buddha

    Two possible interpretations: You don't like statues of the Buddha, like this one, or you confuse him with Hotei
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    Your Sordid Sex Life?

    Kinky Freudian slip? Personally, I interpret "neutral" as accepting current state to the point of not spending any effort to find change, and voted thusly. If somebody doesn't get it, Grammar Police has a word "foreplay" which I think is statistically more often applicable than "foursome".
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    David's first born

    I have little or no problems with the atrocities in the Bible. It's just stories without historic background, archaeological evidence or contemporary confirmation to me. What disturbs me more is what kind of evil mind the inventors of some of the stories had, but you can't blame anyone else...
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    Pope makes eejits of the Church again.

    What the Pope meant is probably what's discussed here, but in all fairness [/I][/FONT][/COLOR]
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    I find only one possible way to interpret that verse: You shall have anal intercourse with women, but not with men. What other way of lieing with women could be used between men? OK, I'll allow "69" being advocated for man/woman, but forbidden to men. Regarding what's unnatural for women in...
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    Religion and Education

    Mandatory everywhere, including at least the major global religions, supervised by national agencies so that teaching is unbiased according to the prescribed national curriculum.
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    When finances dictate your health :(

    This whole thread is quite exotic to any civilized country. In Universal Health Care countries, you don't have to worry about health insurance. You can't even escape it! Minimal or no waiting lists, free or almost free unlimited health care (procedures and/or meds) at the point of use (but there...
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    all-time best seller

    Great list! Despite some farily serious digging on the subject, I hadn't found that one yet. Do I agree with the "given away" and "required" constraints! In my own humble :D way, I have contributed. Besides one Quotations in Chinese and one in English, and towards 20 Bibles in assorted...
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    Should Religion be Taught in Schools

    Religion is a subject in Swedish schools. I think the subject is rather necessary. I have little opinion on when to start. From the very beginning kids should be made aware that there are different opinions, and that you should respect one another's views. The very first years, getting...