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  1. Mike182


    Difficult for me to say. I adhere to one religion, but that religion has many sources, which technically makes it syncretic. But I don't adhere to more than one system. I don't have any problem with syncretic systems, but I do have a problem with cultural not honoring the tradition from which...
  2. Mike182

    Pathfinder RPG - Anyone tried it?

    I play 3.5 but bend/change the rules in places to make them make more sense or a bit simpler, which Pathfinder seems to have done. Pathfinder however does subtly changes class features and some spells, I know the 3.5 class features and spells like the back of my hand so fall to them by default.
  3. Mike182

    Views of witchcraft

    Missing the issue. Is the act of seeking inherently selfish? The question makes no assumption on the nature of the divine, be it transcendental or immanent. The question is asking about the act itself of seeking, not the source from which it is sought.
  4. Mike182

    Views of witchcraft

    And likewise many who have left Christ now say they live without fear. Just another perspective. I think the article InChrist is quoting assumes the answer to an important question that has not yet been asked: Is witchcraft selfish? Or perhaps the question more refined to the specific aspect...
  5. Mike182

    Should the Queen be the last monarch?

    I'm not talking about a coup, and one is incredibly unlikely. A constitutional change could probably remove the monarchy, my understanding of the constitution is that the monarchy and parliament rely upon each other for their respective power and right to rule/reign, though I'm by no means well...
  6. Mike182

    Should the Queen be the last monarch?

    Removing the monarchy from power would be tricky and a politically difficult move. I wonder how many of the armed and civil forces would actually stand by their oath to the Queen and how many would fall in line with the Government should such an attempt be staged.
  7. Mike182

    Bill limiting sharia law proposed in England

    Good job these courts aren't exceptions to English law then. Why do you use the word 'difference' when they work the same way?
  8. Mike182

    my boyfriend worships Thors and i dont understand please help!

    A couple of things come to my mind concerning this post. Any religious belief is going to sound weird to someone who doesn't hold religious beliefs, regardless of what that belief is. Socially however, not all religious beliefs are held to the same notion of 'weirdness', some are simply viewed...
  9. Mike182

    Is the Golden Dawn a religion? If so, what is it?

    A masonic or hermetic order would be the best name I can think of. A question comes to mind though, does the Golden Dawn count as being revealed? Bearing in mind the role of the Secret Chiefs.
  10. Mike182

    Accidental Sex Magick

    Magic and altered states of mind go hand-in-hand. Sexual desire and the actual act of sex itself are good stimulations for altering one's state of mind. The real question is, what was the focus? If the focus during the sex was on the sex, well, you willed sex. You got sex. Job's done. If...
  11. Mike182


    I'm not sure that comparison is great, prayer can be about more than just guidance. But this is a discussion on magic, so I'll leave that by the side lines. Magic, or Magick as Crowley spelt it, is change in accordance with will. For what it's worth, I am more in line with Crowley's way of...
  12. Mike182

    Miss you Feathers, still think of you often. Hope you're ok :)

    Miss you Feathers, still think of you often. Hope you're ok :)
  13. Mike182

    Pope Benedict attacks government over Equality Bill

    This is a bit off topic, but If you want to know how Religious Education works in the UK, read this. It was written by my A-level RE teacher for a group of Druids wanting to know how they should go about getting Druidry taught in schools as part of RE. Religious Education (RE), Paganism and UK...
  14. Mike182

    Pope Benedict attacks government over Equality Bill

    Quite so. I wonder if the Catholic church will sell up and pull out of Britain entirely in a few years. Given the strong sentiment of preferring to close its adoption agencies rather than letting gays adopt kids, maybe the Pope would rather close the Catholic church in Britain rather than...
  15. Mike182

    The gay rights community is wrong about blood donations (again)

    So, the argument then is that proper screening of blood donors - read gay men - creates more safe blood for patients that need it. In this argument, gay people don't feel discriminated against, and there is more safe blood. I take on board what you are saying, there have been tragic cases in...
  16. Mike182

    Gay Blood is Good Blood

    In England gays are not allowed to give blood. It's a hang over from a past culture that necessitates a direct link between gay people and HIV. It is being fought over here, and it won't last for too much longer. I can't give blood anyway, because of my diabetes, but while I can accept that...
  17. Mike182

    If You Came with a Warning Label - What Would it Be?

    Warning: Living carnation of vanity and narcissism.
  18. Mike182

    If you could make anyone on RF your servant for the day, who would it be and what would you demand?

    I'm torn between choosing multiple people for the one demand I could ever make of them: coffee and conversation. Smoke, Fluffy and Sunstone are high on that list, as well as others.
  19. Mike182

    Prime Minister Historic Debate

    If Cameron gets in, how far do you think he'll get with his ideas on a British constitution instead of the European constitution? It'll be basically the same thing with little if any changes, it seems more like two fingers up to Europe than anything else. Not that I am in support of us putting...
  20. Mike182

    Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin OR Do Fundies just really HATE gays?

    I could believe that a lot of conservative Christians generally do hate the sin, love the sinner, but corporate conservative Christianity lacks the compassion towards sinners that validates the sentiment.