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  1. EnhancedSpirit

    If God created everything why didn't he create it perfect?

    What if everything is perfect? Only your thinking makes it otherwise. Perfect is a word, created by man. And most of the things that are 'imperfect' are the things that us humans have had a hand in....this place is our play ground, to stretch our own creative wings.....the only 'imperfection'...
  2. EnhancedSpirit

    What kind of witch are you?

  3. EnhancedSpirit

    Do Women See More Than Men?

    I believe that women have an easier time "seeing" more because we are emotional. It's more commonly known as intuition. I have a very strong intuition, and my boyfriend recently found out just how accurate it can be. I can see that he is lying to me, and he did the typical deny deny deny. He...
  4. EnhancedSpirit

    Do You Believe In Fate?

    FATE is the consequences of previous actions, FATE is the same as Karma. And you may or may not believe in it, but your belief does not stop it from affecting your life, moment by moment, and day by day.
  5. EnhancedSpirit

    The Big Why...

    Psalm 19:1 says that "the heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows His handiwork." The universe is our spiritual school. The whole universe is a reflection of God. God made the universe for our spiritual knowledge and understanding, just as we have made schools and...
  6. EnhancedSpirit

    New punishment idea

    Under these views, I think there might be something to your suggestion. I mean, if a person KNEW they would be put to death for three strikes, they may not even come to the plate.
  7. EnhancedSpirit

    Cutting off worldly attachments

    I don't think we can say whether he went too far for himself or not. However if he were to insist that his way was the only way to release attachments, then we would have a problem. Personally, I don't think this is not about physical attachment, but our emotional attachment to wordly things...
  8. EnhancedSpirit

    What is the most ANNOYING thing you LOVE?

    My boyfriend (in the fuzzy hat) . . . actually, my ex (the one laying down)is more annoying, but I don't love him so much.
  9. EnhancedSpirit

    Post your pic!

    About a month ago, I went camping at a 3-day music festival up on the Suwanee River. We had a blast . . . Here is my daughter and I in the hammock forest were there were dozens of hammocks in the trees onlooking one of the stages. . .
  10. EnhancedSpirit

    Does Satan Help Us Love?

    It's more like when I first take the training wheels off my child's bike. I know they are going to fall and fail, and try again, and fail. I'm not setting them up for failure. I'm setting them up to gain more experience. Failures are not a bad thing. Failures are part of learning, part of...
  11. EnhancedSpirit

    What is the truth to you?

    This is the truth, and it applies to everyone. All details are purely individual realities. 1. You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it's the only thing you are sure to keep for the rest of your life. 2. You will learn lessons. You are enrolled in a full-time informal...
  12. EnhancedSpirit

    What's your favorite green thing to do?

    I plead the fifth on my favorite green thing to do, but my second favorite is to use hemp paper, and hemp products instead of patroleum based products.
  13. EnhancedSpirit

    christian - what is good?

    What we call good or bad is a judgement. There really is no good or bad, everything JUST IS. It was because of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, that we 'perceive' things as good or bad. But everything is according to God's purpose, therefore, good and bad are merely observastions...
  14. EnhancedSpirit


    I love my tats as well, I have 3, all unicorns. I think there are a lot of people who get tattoos that later regret it, but I think that's because it has become so acceptable. Back in the day, you needed to be serious about getting one, because chances were that you would be banned from...
  15. EnhancedSpirit

    Who is our brother?

    Maybe you should clarify which bibles you are both quoting from.
  16. EnhancedSpirit

    Does Satan Help Us Love?

    Our purpose is to remember unconditional love, and practice it. IMHO Satan is God's blacksmith, he applies the pressure that brings out the purest parts of us. Placing blame on Satan might be somewhat useful, but only if you realize that Satan is not a person, and it resides within you, not...
  17. EnhancedSpirit

    If there is the devil, why did God create him?

    It takes both heat and pressure to turn a lump of coal into a diamond. In this way, God uses 'Satan', to condition our spirit to be something greater than it was before. Aside from that, the story of Satan was mis translated, and suggests that God was having trouble controlling his...
  18. EnhancedSpirit

    Does God send babies to hell?

    God does not send anyone to hell. If someone ends up in this state of afterlife, it is of their own doing, by choices they made in life. A result, not a punishment.
  19. EnhancedSpirit

    Who has tried Reiki?

    Ok, I can give you the guided meditation I use on my patients. You can certainly use this during meditation. It won't be the same having someone help you move the energy around, but you have the power to heal yourself, and this would be a great way to practice. OK. First of course is all...