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Search results

  1. YmirGF

    Replace every vowel in your name with oob

    I worry about the people who think this sort of thing up.
  2. YmirGF

    They slipped across the US border with explosives -- from Canada

    Um, there are rather large sections between Canada and the US that are not protected. It is the largest undefended border on the planet, so we should not be surprised about a 100,000 Ton Nuclear Missile being smuggled across the Great Lakes to the US. The only question of interest would be...
  3. YmirGF

    Fact check: Trump’s speech on border ‘crisis

    Good thing that UpChuck and Nancy beat this so soundly into the ground during their time #OccupyingthePodium extravaganza following the Trump spiel
  4. YmirGF

    Spectrum of theistic probability

    That you for that exceedingly insightful observation, Captain Obvious. :)
  5. YmirGF

    Searching for truth.

    I don't really. It's been so long since I looked at reality from such a dualistic perspective. I'm just interested in experience. (In other words, I've already found so much "truth" that I can afford to slum for a few lifetimes.)
  6. YmirGF

    Spectrum of theistic probability

    Thank you to the eagle-eyed @Windwalker alerting me to my faux pas. Obviously, I made the incorrect choice and had intended to choose, 7. Strong atheist. "I know there is no God, with the same conviction as Jung knows there is one."
  7. YmirGF

    Karma - Is it a Universal or Dharmic principle?

    I understand the various Karma concepts just fine and I do not accept karma as a being valid or actual. I will go so far as saying that action has consequences, beyond that, I'm not inclined to hyperventilate about whether something was good or bad karma. In the larger picture of reality...
  8. YmirGF

    Kill the Dog

    Ah, the things you see when you don't have your twin .50 cals handy. I would think the officer is going a bit overboard killing a yappy small dog, but some of those littler critters are psychos...
  9. YmirGF

    Hospital with good nurses

    I was looking through my local village phone book, looking for someone to haul away a load of stuff to the land fill and laughed when the first thing I noticed is that on our island of 5000 people we had 3 Acupuncturists! LOL! Enough people believe in the nonsense to employ 3 people...
  10. YmirGF

    Hospital with good nurses

    I've rarely been to the hospital but if I were asked it simply would not occur to me inquire if they offered acupuncture. Acu-fricken-puncture? Really? I would also not ask if they offered witch doctor services either, but that is just me.
  11. YmirGF

    Spectrum of theistic probability

    1. Strong theist. 100% probability of God. In the words of C.G. Jung: "I do not believe, I know."
  12. YmirGF

    Your First Internet Forum Username

    I joined the interwebs in 1993 or so, on the original Diablo's Battle.net as YmirGF. Who knew I'd still be using it 26 years later and have never used any other moniker. Two part moniker, first part was the user name, Ymir, (pronounced WHY-MER) or alternately (Ya-mere) and the 2nd part was...
  13. YmirGF

    Islam is unable to relate to the diverse contemporary cultures

    So far, so good. Is this supposed to be news though, @shunyadragon or is this a personal epiphany?
  14. YmirGF

    Deeply shocking!

    Excuse me?
  15. YmirGF

    Who Else Misreads Titles?

    OK. I burst out laughing over the highlighted part! Just saw: Explain to me why god is real using farts instead of Explain to me why god is real using facts (I thought, Now there is a topic that could raise a stink!)
  16. YmirGF

    proposal the U.S. should scrap the electoral college and choose the president by dance off.

    Ok, that sync's with my memory of the events. I know he did not spend any serious time in jail. Poor baby lost his driving privileges. How effective a punishment is that for a person who can easily afford a chauffeured limousine?
  17. YmirGF


    Again, this strong atheist has no problem, whatsoever, imagining a god persona as having the god equivalent of human emotions.
  18. YmirGF

    Does anyone own an electric car?

    Thus far, it is the significant price of electric cars that has stunted the interest in them as viable alternatives.