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    Wanted to say a quick goodbye...

    and to wish you all well. :) Thank you for sharing your knowledge, kindness, and humor with me. I've learned quite a bit and am grateful for the short time I've been able to spend here. Unfortunately, the more time I spend online, the less productive I am offline. :p It's time I move on...
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    Breast implants: For or against

    I checked out at some point with this thread, and I'm too lazy to read all the pages, but this jumped out at me: *nods* I've said this many times. No matter how much a woman accomplishes, it seems it's just too easy to bring it all back to her looks. Who hasn't heard nasty comments about female...
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    Converting from Catholic to UU: How to get over fear of Hell?

    As a former practicing Catholic, I can tell you that over time, the idea of hell fades. Honestly, if you look around, you can see the hell on Earth that some people have created for themselves. A whole separate "Hell" is not needed.
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    Happy Birthday Quagmire!

    Happiest of Birthdays, Quagmire. :)
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    Living in Indiana?

    Thank you for the input, Rev. We're going to be heading that way in a few weeks and will be checking out both areas.
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    What are you doing?

    What a nice looking family. :) You're pretty! I'm on my way to Mom's house for Mother's Day dinner. Hope everyone had a nice day.
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    i am just me

    Sounds good to me! Hi and Welcome.
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    Church invites Muslims to use room to worship

    I can't watch the video yet because my daughter is playing piano right behind me. It sounds great though! :) *Edit: I just watched it. :clap John Oliver is nuts! :D Thanks for posting, Nisou.
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    Living in Indiana?

    Then I have a question for you. :) Where do you live, and do you like it? Feel free to expand on your answer. A move to Indiana might be in our future (within the next year to year and a half). So far, we've been looking at Indianapolis and Bloomington.
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    Shady Debaters; what can we do about it?

    I saw that getup on "To Catch A Predator" once. The kids called him the Law Enforcement Bush.
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    Cause for celebration?

    *shrug* She looks at it one way, I look at it another. I understand the arguments for and against. I personally celebrated. I didn't jump up and down, bake a cake, and dance around the living room with my children. But I did smile. 1 violent life to pay for 3000 innocent lives. This...
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    Post your pic!

    Tulips opening for me on Mother's Day. :) He's narrowing his eyes at me:
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    If you are from Detroit you may not be able to read!

    I've never considered that. I'd hate to think so. I can't imagine that kind of "status quo" would be appealing. One thought I had ~ people having children who really shouldn't be having children. I'm not talking for economic reasons either. Heck, I see it in my middle-class neighborhood...
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    If you are from Detroit you may not be able to read!

    I like to think that too.
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    If you are from Detroit you may not be able to read!

    I was wondering the same exact thing. And in that category, I'm sure there are those who recognize their limitations and aren't afraid to work to overcome them, both for themselves and their children. Yet how many suffer from a degree of apathy? How many think, "I get along just fine...
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    Why can we be sexually attracted to people that are not compatible with us?

    That would be nice, eh? :) Unfortunately, the 2008 election nearly started WWIII in my family and my marriage.
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    Yo Mama! What's so great about her? (In honor of all the moms out there...)

    Happy Mother's Day, Ladies! :foryou: ♥
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    If you are from Detroit you may not be able to read!

    *nods* In my humble opinion, I think parental involvement is the biggest key. If you want your children to do well, you will move Heaven and Earth to get it done. I've met many parents who raise their children with a "Whatever..." attitude. They give birth, they shelter, feed, and clothe...
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    What Kind Of Flame Warrior Is The Poster Preceding You?

    I just posted something like, "I think we can all agree...blah blah..." in an attempt to settle things down a few days ago. :o :facepalm: Ah well. Deal with it, people. :p
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    The Random, Meaningless Announcements Thread!

    Yay! Does this mean breakfast/lunch/dinner is being made for you?!