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Search results

  1. Rex

    Which is the best avatar-picture on "RF" ?

    Haha! Looking right at ya!
  2. Rex

    Which is the best avatar-picture on "RF" ?

    I always liked mine :)
  3. Rex

    Summary of the History of RF

    I sure don't. Wish I did though.
  4. Rex

    Summary of the History of RF

    Good luck finding one. I think most of them went to the trash.
  5. Rex

    Summary of the History of RF

    Here is another tidbit. We once had a Tshirt creation contest. Everyone voted and I ordered some 200+ Tshirts to give out on the forum. I get the shirts in and we misspelled Religious on the shirts!!!!!!!!! haha
  6. Rex


  7. Rex

    Summary of the History of RF

    It was so great to read this once again. I remember the day 15 years ago that I decided I needed an outlet for my religion/philosophy classes in college. Needless to say the teachers weren't very helpful in my journey. Thanks again RF!
  8. Rex

    Dropping in!

    Very nice! I like that a lot! Just the usual family divorced Dad trying to find his way in the world you know. In a new relationship now that is proving to be good for me in many ways. I'll be around from time to time.
  9. Rex

    Dropping in!

    Hey everyone. Been a while and I had a quick second in between work and getting my girls. I hope everyone is well!
  10. Rex

    Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

    Oh my!
  11. Rex

    Any exercise people here..

    I typically go to the gym 5 -6 days a week.
  12. Rex

    How Cold Is It?

    Should be around 70 today. Although foggy.
  13. Rex

    Can God Lie?

    Interesting article here: How science made an honest man of God – Dallas G Denery II – Aeon
  14. Rex

    Radio RF Discussion

    I'd say interview religious leaders
  15. Rex

    The emails finally pulled me back

    Muahahahah my master spam plan is working. Muahahahahaha (I always wanted to make that voice. haha)
  16. Rex

    We Are Donating $1 For Every Member That Logs In Today

    We just need get the word out.
  17. Rex


    Glad to have yah.