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  1. vaguelyhumanoid

    Would you marry a gay couple...

    Gay sex isn't poisonous tho, so I don't know what that analogy was supposed to accomplish.
  2. vaguelyhumanoid

    Trump: "I Will Protect Our LGBTQ Citizens'

    I've never heard of someone being assaulted for being straight.
  3. vaguelyhumanoid

    Trump: "I Will Protect Our LGBTQ Citizens'

    He didn't say he'd protect us. He said he'll protect us from "that foreign ideology", his scapegoat of choice. This isn't really about LGBTQ rights - it's nationalism in drag.
  4. vaguelyhumanoid

    Anti Trump protests

    People are talking like anti-Trump ralliers were shooting the place up, but the actual news story from here in Seattle was that 5 protesters were shot. Really, can people take five seconds to actually check the facts here?
  5. vaguelyhumanoid

    Trump Terrorism post election

    All Trump supporters ever seem to offer is tu quoque arguments. An argument against Obama or against Hillary isn't for Trump at all. I don't like any of them, but Trump is definitely the worst of the three.
  6. vaguelyhumanoid

    Praying to god for help, does it really make any sense?

    You're addressing a pretty narrow range of theologies here. I get tired of atheists thinking they've somehow conquered all belief by making arguments against classical monotheism. A polytheist can shrug off the whole "how do you know you're worshipping the right god?" discourse, regardless of...
  7. vaguelyhumanoid

    Praying to god for help, does it really make any sense?

    This whole supposed problem with theism is easily resolved if you do away with the "omni-" stuff. One prays to a deity and gives them offerings in order to grow closer to that deity and gain their attention and favor.
  8. vaguelyhumanoid

    Did Trump Really Say Anything That Wasn't True About Some Women?

    "Free speech" does not mean "immunity to criticism". In fact, it means the exact inverse - freedom to criticize. Trump wasn't in a gulag after that comment so this isn't a "free speech" issue.
  9. vaguelyhumanoid

    Adam & Eve another viewpoint.

    As an anarchist, I seriously doubt that. Sympathy for Nazis is completely antithetical to anarchism. Anarchists and fascists have literally been mortal enemies since the 1930s, and racial supremacism is the epitome of a harmful and authoritarian hierarchy.
  10. vaguelyhumanoid

    Your opinion please about Islam.

    I'm a "hard" polytheist, so basically the theological opposite of a Muslim. I like the aesthetics of Islam a lot tho - the architecture, calligraphy etc. I would love to go to several Muslim countries (chiefly Morocco) but they're all unfortunately quite homophobic.
  11. vaguelyhumanoid

    taoism and folk chinese religion

    Having a supreme deity ≠ being monotheistic. There are countless deities and revered ancestral spirits in Chinese folk religion, which is often practiced under the auspices of Taoism. As for Taoist philosophy itself, "Tao precedes the gods".
  12. vaguelyhumanoid

    What are the gods of paganism?

    I've actually heard of "Christianities", along with "theisms", "feminisms" and "Marxisms". Treating "isms" as countable nouns is semi-common academic parlance - it's arguably pretentious or silly but it definitely happens.
  13. vaguelyhumanoid

    What race are you sexually attracted to most?

    If you think culture equates to skin color, you're as shallow and superficial as it gets.
  14. vaguelyhumanoid

    Socialist Jesus?

    You're thinking of Leninism. I'm an anarchist. I've never heard of anarchism vastly expanding the state.
  15. vaguelyhumanoid

    Why are mtf Trans people more common than ftm? Or are they

    Oh for fvck's sake, what do you know of actual heathen religion? Oðinn himself would be considered gender-variant by the standards of his society, practicing feminine magic and disguising himself as a woman multiple times. I have absolutely zero patience for macho wannabe heathens with the moral...
  16. vaguelyhumanoid

    Socialist Jesus?

    I'm a socialist and I want to abolish the state... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  17. vaguelyhumanoid

    Creating a new religion for World Peace

    Religious exclusivism is the greatest cause of bloodshed on the planet. Everything from Daesh's current atrocities to Charlemagne's massacre at Verden has been caused by the notion that nonbelievers are inferior. I don't share your premise. You can assert there is one god and I can assert...
  18. vaguelyhumanoid

    Creating a new religion for World Peace

    I really can't stand the notion that everybody has to follow the same religion to have world peace.
  19. vaguelyhumanoid

    Socialist Jesus?

    You must not have heard that a socialist, borderline anarchist territory (Rojava) is currently a major player in the Syrian Civil War...
  20. vaguelyhumanoid

    Socialist Jesus?

    Let me guess: you think socialism means state ownership? :rolleyes: