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Search results

  1. Charity

    Obama authorizes air strikes in Iraq

    I don't recall lecturing you, I like your dramatic drone....yada yada yada and I thank you, I would sign up but I'm too old for that but my husband and my son were both in combat so I think that covers the military aspect.... I just said I think if they get control where they are...
  2. Charity

    Obama authorizes air strikes in Iraq

    Sorry but relief support doesn't help you when your dead....tell that to the children who are starving for food and water.... I wonder what your stance will be when your sitting in your comfortable living room watching tv and eating snacks will be when some terrorist group walks in and shoots...
  3. Charity

    Noah's Ark

    Apparently it wasn't cold enough to kill the mosquitoes....They must have worn armor. ;)
  4. Charity

    Do You Expect Everyone to Like You?

    If someone likes a person who is nice, sweet, friendly, a true friend to my friends, witty, loves laughter, but can also lend a sensitive ear to those who need someone to listen to their problems, then everyone should like me...::D
  5. Charity

    Envy and Jealousy

    Jealousy has been destructive to me in past experiences and I hope to never let myself feel that emotion again....I've never really been envious about others or their possessions. A Past relationship gave me reason to learn "jealous emotions" these started with good reasons, but caused me to...
  6. Charity

    Is this racial profiling?

    Some people like to show their "Rear ends" by the clothing they wear, others by creating a verbal attack on something that really doesn't matter anyway. :D
  7. Charity

    What Makes Something Sacred?

    I was always under the impression that "marriage" was sacred...WOW have I had a great awakening :rolleyes: I now have found independence to be "sacred" along with my chocolates, of course
  8. Charity

    Do You Think We Read More Into Scriptures Than What Is There?

    I believe a lot of people read scriptures and miss the fact that the finger is pointing in their own direction, thus the word hypocrite comes to mind. It is easier to find fault with someone rather than one's self. The only time they apply what they have read is when it serves the purpose...
  9. Charity

    Is it immoral for athletes to use the field as a pulpit?

    Since we are suppose to be living in a country that gives us the freedom of speech I believe we are entitled to say whatever we wish, if someone doesn't like it they can just ignore it....I try to listen to everyone's point of view but that doesn't mean I agree with it...I don't let it affect me...
  10. Charity

    Christians: Is "social drinking" ok?

    If someone wants to partake of alcoholic beverages, I personally see nothing wrong with it. There is no reason for anyone to judge people for this, unless of course you want to draw attention to that person with a glass of wine and take the attention away from yourself, trying to keep your own...
  11. Charity

    Why must God be a personal one? - No need

    Sorry but if you don't have a personal relationship with God then you can't commune with Him. If you met my earthly father you would have to be able to meet Him and know him in order to have a personal relationship of any kind with him, and if you don't meet him then, sorry you will never know...
  12. Charity

    Sex is not a dirty word...

    Sex is not a dirty word, it is people that make it dirty...:rolleyes: Discuss it in public, I don't think so everyone come to my house and we will discuss it there :D Some demonstrations may be required..... (just joking with you of course)
  13. Charity

    Why are Christians so sexually insecure?

    I've never been sexually insecure but I've met many men who should be, I don't think being a Christian had anything to do with the fact of their disabilities. :D
  14. Charity


    I confess that I stole the last of UV's Jello :rolleyes:
  15. Charity

    What is your biggest reason for not creating another "What is your biggest reason" thread?

    Because I hate repetition, I hate repetition, I hate repetition.....:D
  16. Charity

    What is Your Biggest Reason for Not Being You?

    I don't want anyone to know that I'm rich and beautiful so I hide myself as a homeless old hag.................:D
  17. Charity

    Why Does God Want for You What You Don't Want?

    Sometimes we pray and ask for something that appears to be good now but may turn out bad for us later.....Many times I do things without praying and get way out ahead of God's plan and I end up in a mess.
  18. Charity

    Faith in religion is a mental illness

    Most people have faith in something at one time or another whether it's their intuition or their ability to achieve....My faith isn't based on religion but my faith is in God.
  19. Charity

    Who sets the standards for what is "normal" or "abnormal"?

    What is your standard based on? "Reptile" dysfunction perhaps? :biglaugh:
  20. Charity

    Who sets the standards for what is "normal" or "abnormal"?

    I guess my question on this whole matter is, for instance. If 90 couples out of 100 used the say "missionary position" for sex does this make the 10 couples who prefer to use another position make it "abnormal" to others.??? My point is why should anyone judge or be concerned about someone...