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  1. te_lanus

    True Religion

    The answer is 42 :D
  2. te_lanus

    Why the Fermi Paradox doesn't work.

    True, look at the WOW signal, we still have no clue what it is, who made it and what it means. If one takes the difference in technology between punch-cards and 100gb/s fiber internet. And we equate our technology to punchcards and alien tech to the 100gb/s fiber, one start to see the trouble...
  3. te_lanus

    How do you like your Heaven?

    Heaven for me is a stopping point/resting place after death and before rebirth into a new life (here or anywhere else there is life in this huge multiverse)
  4. te_lanus

    How do you like your Heaven?

    Heaven like Space, With Planets and stars? :p
  5. te_lanus

    How do current events line up with OT prophecy?

    More fear mongering methinks. We "survived" September 2015 with all the "prophetic words of doom". We'll survive more to come.
  6. te_lanus

    Distinguishing Design from Fine-Tuning

    Tldr. Your point?
  7. te_lanus

    The last post is the WINNER!

    Birth control? BAN IT! Abortion? BAN IT! Gay marriage? BAN IT! Guns? Look, banning things never works. People will find ways to get them.
  8. te_lanus

    which person will be next US president?

    I had a recent discussion with an american friend. He's a conspiracy "freak" and went on a tangent about the 2016 American President vote. He says that Most Presidents are of European Royal Blood lines & Freemasons, and according to him it's going to be a Jeb Bush (R) vs Hillary Clinton (D)...
  9. te_lanus

    Automatic writing

    I thinlk it is useful, but but I won't put a lot of trust in it. I'm not so sure. I always double check it, and make sure it's not my unconscious that is writing it. It did some times, but I never really had a lot of success with it.
  10. te_lanus

    Harvard Gun Study

    South africa
  11. te_lanus

    Harvard Gun Study

    living on the outside of the US, I'm going to chime in with what is happening here. We've got some of the worlds toughest gun laws, yet despite all the gun laws we've got one of the highest gun related crime stats in the world. There was a statement last year that stated more people die in...
  12. te_lanus

    Gay is Okay*

    I thought to "be cheerful" = gay :p
  13. te_lanus

    Top Seven Reasons God Exist.

    See I fixed it for ya :p :rolleyes:
  14. te_lanus

    Alien Abductions

    nope that' a myth looking in any direction while talking is not a sign of lying: and in depth here: Myth Busted: Looking Left or Right Doesn’t Indicate If You’re Lying | Science | Smithsonian Nope again this is a myth: So you are using a clearly fake/hoax vid and using it to "debunk" the...
  15. te_lanus

    Jesus Christ the King of Kings has declared war on the US Supreme Court.

    Reading this thread seems this jesus seems to be one of these:
  16. te_lanus

    Jesus Christ the King of Kings has declared war on the US Supreme Court.

    Then why bash the Supreme court judges? Why not bash Islam, as they do far worse things? The SCJ made a law. So what? Now you bash them because you don't like the law, and you don't even live there? And using a verse that is used only when it suits christianity, but most of the time xtians...
  17. te_lanus

    The culture war is over

    Well this what this blogger says, and there is merit to what he says: Dear Christians, The Culture War is Over, We Lost. | Scott Link Media
  18. te_lanus

    Is it possible to be Christian and racist at the same time?

    God didn't stop Apartheid merica did. According to P.W. Botha (President before F.W. De Klerk) America offered him 3-4 Million to end Apartheid, he rejected it and FW accepted it. And it's generally accepted here that the country was better off under apartheid than today