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  1. Goat

    Satanism and Zen Buddhism

  2. Goat

    How long will it be until I am enlightened?

    asking for trouble
  3. Goat

    Modern Satanist

    Instead of Atheist I have often used the word soplipsism to describe the attitude Satanists have towards their preception of divinity. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solipsism There is ritual magic but it is seen in the LeVian sense as a rise in energy towards a goal as I understand it. There is...
  4. Goat

    Satanism and Zen Buddhism

    I think the paradox in Gutama's teachings were intentional. Buddhism may be about the obtainment of something be it enlightenment or the end of suffering to some, but I think that at least Zen style buddhiusm, in my own mind, is not about any manifest concept whatsoever. It isn't even about...
  5. Goat

    Determining My Religious Ideas

    Einstien said: "The world is my country. The universe is my religion."
  6. Goat

    Proud of my humility!

    thank you for all the friendly greetings. I look forward to discussing the mysteries of the universe with everyone. :D
  7. Goat

    Are humans too 'isolated'(even in a group) ?

    Marilyn Manson (Whome I share my birthday with!) I think said it best in one of his songs "Isolation is the oxygen mask you make your children breathe in to survive." we are taught to isolate ourselves from one another. So we each have our own cubicals, our own cars, our own rooms. And we sit...
  8. Goat

    A Hypothetical Scenario on Morality and Drug Use:

    I submit that only 'psychadelic' drugs should be allowed, :rainbow1: and following a strict honor system: - Thou shalt not leave the house. - Thou shalt not take too much. - Thou shalt keep a log of what you see. - Thou shalt have the experience and keep it sacred. I say only hallucinogens...
  9. Goat

    Overweight family and friends

    I personally find well rounded individuals sexually attractive so I think if their weight is something they themselves admire then it is their own choice. Sometimes that's not the case like in those who are enourmasly obese. Overweight females tend to have the 'tight fisted pityless' syndrome...
  10. Goat

    Does each individual have a role to play on earth?

    The role doesn't exist until it undergoes the formality of existance. Therefore we are the roless playing roles. What I mean is this. A rock has no knowledge of it's own existance, it's role is only realized when it has an observer to distinguish it from the background. So in the same way we...
  11. Goat

    Determining My Religious Ideas

    I've begun na new cult that you can become a member of which I call Unzen. It's like zen except you don't meditate and when people ask you what it's about you tell them it's "whatever I say it is!" I'm struggling over how to identify myself to others religiously also, but I found that a blank...
  12. Goat

    Is this the way to speak to a child?

    The only mind worth listening to is your own. Rip your own beliefs to shreds, then rip ripping-everything-to-shreds to shreds. whatever comes up after that .. rip it to shreds. no-belief is the worst kind because you don't think you have one.
  13. Goat

    Encountered Entities on Ayahuasca

    I have gotten in contact with several entities when I allow myself the indulgence of permitting their existance. I'm normally a hard-headed rationalist but I enjoy flights of fantasy too. This is I am sure a matter of one's own prececption but I have found a certain pattern that they all follow...
  14. Goat

    Proud of my humility!

    I thought I would throw in a quick introduction for those who would like to know some things about me. As my avatar suggests, I am capritious- changing opinions without warning but often in the spirit of rhetoric rather then viciousness. The object of my wrath is self-rightiousness and piety...
  15. Goat

    religion and the two species of man

    I think both creationism and evolution are dangerously close to absolutism. Evolution doens't permit the idea that life was transplanted here therefore excludes discussion of any scientificly possible argument that it did. If there was evedence that life was perhaps transplanted here to colonize...
  16. Goat


    Gnostics WERE an odd group of reversers from Catholicism. The run down is thus as far as I've been told (and I may be wrong): The serpent was trying to liberate us from what we call the "demiurge" in the garden of eden. Also pictured as a snake but with the head of a lion. Our reality is the...
  17. Goat

    I had an interesting thought...

    Wiccians are always blowing bubbles in their milk. Caucasian Hinduism. Openminded folk, but often too flaky for discourse about their own beliefs. Their needless substitution of letters in phonetic language is aggrivating. Satanism is WHATEVER I SAY IT IS! :) because I'M the ineffable King of...
  18. Goat

    Satanism and Zen Buddhism

    I have had an appitite for both of these beliefs for a very long time and I have pursued both of them and found stunning similarities that I'd like to share. Though I should also admit that it is my own mind that amalgamated the two together and hence this is a terrible forgery and a terrible...