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  1. Unseeking seeker

    hindu snippets

    Interesting. Correlate this with Hiranyagarbha, the cosmic egg, which incidentally is in the head ovoid (coincidence?). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiranyagarbha?wprov=sfti1#
  2. Unseeking seeker

    Lets stop debating on God. Does Love exist ?

    A poem titled ~ What is love the love we speak of is not a trade being unconditional it assigns no grade most seek reciprocation or at least recognition but true love dear hearts is bliss ignition look for these signposts joy, empathy, peace, purity all encompassing compassion free...
  3. Unseeking seeker

    Kundalini energisation

    Lower mind is limited, Aupmanyav, is it not? Science does not even know what omnipresent space is, in, within and all around us. Analysis is paralysis. We cannot use mind to transcend mind. In fact, we are not only this body-mind. Silence reveals deeper truth of non-duality, as many have...
  4. Unseeking seeker

    Kundalini energisation

    Ah! A ring of finality in this verdict. What is your knowing by which this negation is known?
  5. Unseeking seeker

    Kundalini energisation

    Here’s an interesting video by Igor Kufayev, which I can recommend for those interested in the bliss activation process ~
  6. Unseeking seeker

    Questions for God

    Interesting thread. A temporary entity (us) asks who or what God is (corollary ~ what He knows or does not know speculated). Who is the entity? Or to put it in Ramana‘s words, ‘who am I?’ Unless this is known, is not God merely a concept, an idea, based on a this or that belief system? In my...
  7. Unseeking seeker

    Kundalini energisation

    @ wellwisher ~ in my view, easterner or westerner has nothing to do with acceptance of kundalini energisation. There is past life carry forward work involved as also consciousness correction adopted in this life. Look at Igor Kufayev, Christopher Wallis, Brent Spirit, Christian Koncz and many...
  8. Unseeking seeker

    Which religion is the one true religion?

    Religion (any) is a belief system, addressing lower mind. Spirituality is a direct void-centric inquiry in our heart. The truth of we always were, are and will be, is veiled by our concepts. Immersion in silence or let us say, meditation, in thought rested stillness, releases us from bondage...
  9. Unseeking seeker

    Should there be a predetermined structure in worship or not?

    Opinions will differ. My view is that in any type of worship, essentially we are merging our heart in the heart of God. So, if we visualise God as Jesus, we merge into His heart. That is the aim, because by melding, we as a separate entity disappear. The same holds good for any other...
  10. Unseeking seeker

    Kundalini energisation

    On a side note, after the direct and swift ascent of the kundalini from root to crown through the central vein, Sushumna and all that that goes with it, at a later stage, I experienced a slow, serpentine rise through alternate channels, referred to in scriptures as the Ida and Pingala. This...
  11. Unseeking seeker

    Kundalini energisation

    I’m not into academics and theory although I have read a bit here and there. The practical unfoldment is such that there are no doubts and the knowing is clear, definitive and unmistakable.
  12. Unseeking seeker

    Kundalini energisation

    it’s does not matter what we call it. What is, is. I used the term kundalini because it’s commonly used, that’s all. In fact, before the energisation I had not heard of kundalini at all. Of course, I have since read a fair amount about the kundalini. My experience has also been without trauma...
  13. Unseeking seeker

    Kundalini energisation

    Alright. I had intended a gradual, step by step discussion but since that’s not happening, I’ll leave you all with a summary of how it was in my case: Magnetism arising from a centreless fulcrum within Heat or let us say, energy intensifying (Note: at any stage, we can request the universe to...
  14. Unseeking seeker

    Do you believe in reincarnation?

    Given that many people, children even, remember past lives, I’d say yes, we reincarnate, carrying forward tendencies and soul learning.
  15. Unseeking seeker

    Kundalini energisation

    @ Vinayaka ~ well, I don’t think people are reticent, on spiritualforums.com for example, many have shared their experiences. We learn from each other and grow. Also, YouTube is replete with examples of kundalini awakening, some offhand, whilst others are more advanced and have become teachers...
  16. Unseeking seeker

    Kundalini energisation

    Well, I could go on but am looking for some inputs from others who wish to share their direct experience with kundalini energisation.
  17. Unseeking seeker

    Does anyone have difficulty remembering their dreams?

    If we are attentive, we can remember dreams easily. Dreams show is our reflex responses to situations, so it’s a great tool to contemplate and mindfully refine our consciousness.
  18. Unseeking seeker

    Kundalini energisation

    @ Yokefellow ~ that’s a new one! Essentially what happens in the kundalini energisation process is that our polarities, which got separated, causing differentiated perception, they attempt to reunite. The one that became two becomes one again. Now, the manner of energisation is such that it...
  19. Unseeking seeker

    Answered Prayers

    My view goes like this ~ The entity (ego) who prays, is praying with the understanding that we are a limited body-mind, whereas we are a spiritual being having a human experience. This life, with all its challenges, is what we as soul chose to experience. Reworded, a nonexistent entity asks for...
  20. Unseeking seeker

    Kundalini energisation

    Alright, let me initiate the discussion then: Prior to the year 2017-18 or so, I had no kundalini experience and was more or less engaged in the material world. However, I always felt a sense of not being complete, not living authentically, since head and heart were in conflict. So, one day I...