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  1. Alt Thinker

    Alt Thinker is thunk out

    I originally came here to try out new arguments of my own devising and have others critique them. If they were not fully validated, I would then be able to refine or discard them, as most appropriate. However for the most part, my own new ideas have almost never received any meaningful...
  2. Alt Thinker

    Jesus or Christ Myth Theory

    History, the account of what happened, generally does not become binary until evidence is presented and argumentation carried out. Even then a commonly accepted account might be modified and sometimes reversed. What I am trying to do is to provide evidence based argumentation. This is how...
  3. Alt Thinker

    Tell me why please

    The Olivet Discourse passages are quite explicit that Jesus will be seen by people in the clouds with angels. Examle: Matthew 24:30-31 Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven. And then all the peoples of the earth will mourn when they see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of...
  4. Alt Thinker

    Another Energy Thread

    A point that seems obvious to me but for some reason no scientist ever talks about it, at least that I can find: If you drop something into a black hole you never observe it reach the event horizon. You see it moving slower and slower, assuming it does not become effectively unobservable due...
  5. Alt Thinker

    The Kitchen Sink

    Easier than driving them, I guess. Where do your horses work?
  6. Alt Thinker

    Salt Water Powered Engine?

    I like caterpillar generators.
  7. Alt Thinker

    Let's make USA the eleventh province.

    No more American Football = less spouse abuse
  8. Alt Thinker

    The Random, Meaningless Announcements Thread 3!

    There was a big thing in the Catholic schools about boycotting radio stations that played Put a Spell on You. Did just the opposite. :D
  9. Alt Thinker

    Salt Water Powered Engine?

    And that is not even counting the extension cord!
  10. Alt Thinker

    The Random, Meaningless Announcements Thread 3!

    Two consecutive thread titles on Today's Posts at this moment in time Jesus Coming What are you drinking?
  11. Alt Thinker

    Tell me why please

    I did not mean to beat you up. I retract any offending language. But this is a debating forum and you must expect disagreements. The scriptures are very explicit about what it will be like when Jesus returns. As I said Revelation goes into far more detail. According to these, when we...
  12. Alt Thinker

    The last post is the WINNER!

  13. Alt Thinker

    Tell me why please

    Why believe Matthew 24 and disbelieve the others? What is your reason for doing this? Since you say Jesus left physically when he died, and Matthew 24 happens after Jesus was already dead, then the Jesus speaking in Matthew 24 is a spirit. Yet Luke and John emphasize the physicality of the risen...
  14. Alt Thinker

    US to become Mexico's 32nd state!

    People I know back in New York tell me there are already fist fights between the Tex Mex speaking recent immigrants and the New Yorican speaking old timers over who gets the day jobs. Even if you do not know Spanish you can hear the difference.
  15. Alt Thinker

    Secular: not-Secular

    Interestingly, the 1918 and 1936 Constitutions of the Soviet Union mention religious freedom and separation of religion from the state.
  16. Alt Thinker

    Was Paul a Bumpkin?

    On the contrary, Paul was slick and a master of intentional misinterpretation. Getting people to believe that his mish-mosh of references to Jewish scriptures and customs was a coherent explanation of why Jesus died is a prime example.
  17. Alt Thinker

    Tell me why please

    What about my request to reword that section Matthew 24 according to how you think it was really intended? And you still have not reconciled your interpretation with all the other parts of the Gospels that explicitly state that Jesus left and even describe him physically leaving earth and going...
  18. Alt Thinker

    Jesus or Christ Myth Theory

    I never said historicity was established. I said that based on my evidence based arguments a historical Jesus was more likely than not. I said that many times. Here are my exact words and your response. You repeatedly claimed that it is not possible to know anything at all and that...
  19. Alt Thinker

    Tell me why please

    Here is the relevant section again. Please revise the wording according to what you think it should be. Pay special attention to verse 48. In doing so, be sure to allow these questions to be addressed. Who is the master who will return? When did this master go away? Will this master...