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  1. LittlePinky82

    The Hidden World of Campus Conservatives

    Try living in the south where it's reverse. :relieved: I think it depends on where you live. I only went to a CC school but I never had any problems with people and I'm pretty left wing lol. I had political and legal classes with discussions and the professors were always encouraging of people...
  2. LittlePinky82

    Are you (truly) happy with your life?

    Over all I'm okay with my life. I'm working on changing myself though because I'm unhappy with my health and looks so I've been being healthier lately and working out more again and enjoying it. I'm still trying to find a job but I have two prospects so I'm trying to stay hopeful. I can totally...
  3. LittlePinky82

    Do You Sleep With A Stuffed Animal?

    Oh gosh that is so cute. To the op yes I do. I have a small animal net hanging in the corner above my bed with animals and then I have a row of animals on the side of my bed which is next to a wall and lots of fuzzy pillows. I snuggle with this teddy bear I got my grandfather one yr for his...
  4. LittlePinky82

    Why would anyone want to vote for Hilary Clinton?

    I used to do the "lesser of two evils" nonsense but after thinking about it I live in a solid right wing state. It's not going to matter if I voted for her or not. Why should I sacrifice my own ethics and personal views when my vote wouldn't even matter? She has the issues with foreign policy...
  5. LittlePinky82

    Is There a Good Reason for Sanders to Continue in the Primaries?

    Everyone deserves to vote in the primary's even if nothing changes for him. At least people get to vote. Anything could happen and Sanders has issues to bring up too.
  6. LittlePinky82

    Bill Earning Jail Time

    From what I understand at the most that will happen is he'll be fined. I doubt jail time. But then I wonder about each count of person he violated their rights for? I'm not sure about that. But from what I understand is he held up the voting for 2 hrs. Two hours is ridiculous for people...
  7. LittlePinky82

    It Was Impossible to Fake the Moon Landing.

    Wow, this was very well thought out and I enjoyed the read. I wasn't around in that time so I only know so much about the technology at the time. But I think your point about the technology not existing for what they would have needed is such a big thing to mention in debunking these conspiracy...
  8. LittlePinky82

    Will Donald Trump bring in World War 3 (or the Battle of Armageddon) if he is elected?

    Seriously when it comes to saving the White House who else but Will Smith?
  9. LittlePinky82

    Republicans Used to be So Much Nicer. What Happened?

    They were nice? Depends on who you're talking to I suppose. :grimacing:
  10. LittlePinky82

    Serious scary stuff: Cruz Father and the “Anointed” and “Transfer of Wealth”

    Obama's preacher was talking about racial inequality. This guy is just nuts who believes his son is the anointed king.
  11. LittlePinky82

    Sanders Leads Clintion In National Poll

    He's also catching up to her in Nevada. Last poll I saw they were a point apart. She had a twenty point lead a while back but now he's catching up to her. It's really something to watch.
  12. LittlePinky82

    Muslim Hero Killed Defending Christians

    Oh yes. Such as groups of people from both sides protecting each other during prayers. Even with Iraq before everything there happened people were friendly and got along with each other. Friends would pray for each other. RIP to this brave soul. It's really depressing to think about.
  13. LittlePinky82

    New Hampshire Voting Problem?

    Here's two good links about it- http://www.usnews.com/debate-club/is-voter-fraud-a-real-problem http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/11/upshot/vote-fraud-is-rare-but-myth-is-widespread.html?_r=0
  14. LittlePinky82

    Is Sanders Hypocritical about Super PACs and the Citizens United Decision?

    Even if people aren't in the union they still benefit from the bargaining that happens. Better employment, better hours, better benefits. So, I agree with people having to pay fee's in regard to that since the worker is getting something in return even if they're not in the union and that's how...
  15. LittlePinky82

    Is Sanders Hypocritical about Super PACs and the Citizens United Decision?

    That's cool. And don't get me started on right to work lol. We'd be here all day. :unamused: I really despise right to work let's just say. As far as the issue of unions in a not right to work state here you go- http://www.nrtw.org/a/a_1_p.htm <The Supreme Court, in Communication Workers v...
  16. LittlePinky82

    Gloria Steinem: Young women support Sanders to attract men...

    At least you know there will be good food.
  17. LittlePinky82

    Gloria Steinem: Young women support Sanders to attract men...

    Well I'm already doomed to hell and I'm sure I'll see her there too after Iraq. Lol at least Fiorina had the decency to drop out. Jeb needs to take a cue from her and hang his hat.
  18. LittlePinky82

    Is Sanders Hypocritical about Super PACs and the Citizens United Decision?

    Yeah it would be nice if more places could have unions. My father's job, he works for the fed with it, and they can't unionize. If they do they can get fired. I think people should at least have the choice to do so. I'm glad you got justice with what happened since it was their fault.
  19. LittlePinky82

    Is Sanders Hypocritical about Super PACs and the Citizens United Decision?

    It's not hypocrisy. As was pointed out to you he's already turned down big donations. Even you have pointed out they've already given $2 million. That's not a big number. Their time seems more valuable. So you've shown your bias and nothing people say will get you to see otherwise. And...