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    What is Unitarian Universalism?

    Well, that's pretty much what I was looking for. I've already tracked down a place near me to attend services, and find out some one on one info. Thank you for the clarification. Much of what you said was what I was trying to get across, I'm just not always good at expressing myself through...
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    I really like this one! Kudo's to you!!!! Seriously, it's the insecurities of other people that view it as a form of sin, or wrong doing. That's how I see it. It in no way immediately effects the freedoms of another being, at all.
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    Dualism- God and Devil?

    To some similarities of this, I believe God, the Devil, mankind, animal kind, the universe in itself, to be known as The Oneness. I'm not sure anyone else believes it, but this is how I understand it. The Devil is simply a representation of all that is "evil" in The Oneness. Anger, hate...
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    What is Unitarian Universalism?

    Well, I'll say this. I've read over all the documentation provided through this forum, and then some, and interpreted it into my own views on what Unitarian Universalism is. If I am correct in assuming so, then perhaps it may just be what I'm looking for. Unitarian Universalism is a belief...
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    Hello hello!

    Well, I came here because I dig talking religious philosophy (should I be using the term correctly) with others. I have no set religion, though have my own beliefs I do not stray from. I love reading about other religions, what they have to offer, their viewpoints, history, etc. It always adds...