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  1. Caesar Saladin

    Noob Question about Forum

    Thank you!
  2. Caesar Saladin

    Noob Question about Forum

    Hi- new kid on the block here. When I did my registration bit I chose a 'DIR' to participate in- how do I add another? I know it's something simple I must be overlooking, but I've never used this forum format before. Any help is greatly appreciated. :)
  3. Caesar Saladin


    Having someone else baptize you means nothing unless it's required for admittance into the club. Can a Christian be a Christian without having been baptized by someone else? On a personal level, sure. (What if there IS no one else to do it?) Where you run into trouble is with other Christians...
  4. Caesar Saladin

    Spirit and the Demiurge

    But if Man was a vile creation of the Demiurge, why would God go to the trouble of doling out spirits from the Tree of Life? Why not let the Demiurge play his games (in effect, the world was his circus and his monkeys) and leave the spirits in peace? Why put spirits though having to be...
  5. Caesar Saladin

    The danger of religious persecution

    If it's not death, and instead simple persecution that's on the menu, you can handle that. On the other hand, if your soul is at peace you shouldn't fear death. Neither of these make it *right*, but either way you can deal with it or you're on your way to something a lot better.
  6. Caesar Saladin

    What are the classic love stories in your religious view

    I think Jesus and Mary were married. Given that Jesus was Jewish- and expected to marry and raise a family- it would be consistent with the faith. All the bros hated that Mary was Jesus' favorite, though, and once he was gone they sidelined her very quickly.
  7. Caesar Saladin

    Children Suffering

    It depends on which 'God' you're blaming for those children suffering. If you're blaming it on the Christian God, you've got a problem reconciling that with his 'all-loving' job description. If you blame it on the Jewish God, you're on firmer ground as THAT God is a known killer and bringer of...
  8. Caesar Saladin

    Omnipotence Paradoxes

    We have no idea what God/Allah/Great Spirit/Odin/The Force is capable or not capable of doing. In all likelihood, we'll never know.
  9. Caesar Saladin

    Why do humans allow suffering?

    Humans allow suffering because we are flawed, just as the world that was created is flawed. We dance to the mindless tune set by the Demiurge.
  10. Caesar Saladin

    who is real fight the code 666 the beast

    Some claim the Church in Rome is The Beast. Others say it's Money, or Greed, or Vanity, or any number of things- perhaps The Beast appears to each in a different way. Perhaps The Beast does this to side-track us from learning of our spiritual nature and keep us tied to this material world. As...
  11. Caesar Saladin

    Spirit and the Demiurge

    Greetings! New player here on the block, trying to sort out some questions. I get the Creation Story okay (True God, Aeons, all that), I'm good up until we get to Spirit and Man. (I'm trying to look at this from a Cathar point of view, as that's the group I'm currently reading on.) In some...