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  1. dyanaprajna2011

    One of your favorite sutra verses

    Right now, I'm engrossed in the study of the Satipatthana Sutta (MN 10), particularly, the cemetery contemplations. It's not for the faint of heart, or the fearful.
  2. dyanaprajna2011

    Stereotypes of religions that need to go

    It's a difference in underlying philosophy. Hindus believe in an eternal soul that transmigrates, Buddhists don't. I have seen some Buddhists use the term reincarnation, but with the Buddhist understanding of rebirth. However, I do think some Tibetan Buddhists believe in something closer to...
  3. dyanaprajna2011

    Stereotypes of religions that need to go

    No, see my post above. :)
  4. dyanaprajna2011

    Stereotypes of religions that need to go

    No. Buddhism teaches what we call 'rebirth'. It's different from reincarnation in that reincarnation teaches that it's an etenal soul that transmigrates from life to life, but Buddhists don't believe in an eternal soul. In Buddhist rebirth, it's ones karma that goes from one life to the next.
  5. dyanaprajna2011

    What Philosophical Questions Stump You Most

    Can we really know anything objectively, or can we know with certainty anything outside our own subjective thought and experience? Is there really a difference between 'real' and 'exist'?
  6. dyanaprajna2011

    Science is schizophrenic

    We can go even further, to the limitations of language itself. Language is symbols with meanings, that not everyone can agree upon. Language is an outward expression of subjective thought. I'm not even sure that we can really understand language from one person to the next. Now when you add...
  7. dyanaprajna2011

    Things people say about religion that don't apply to yours

    Hm... 1. Religion requires belief in a god 2. Religion requires belief in an afterlife of reward for actions 3. Religion requires strict adherence to a scripture or code of conduct 4. Religion requires formal meetings/ceremonies/prayers/rituals
  8. dyanaprajna2011

    Stereotypes of religions that need to go

    Here's a few about Buddhism: 1. Buddhists worship Buddha as a god 2. Hotei (the 'fat' Buddha) is the Buddha 3. Buddhism teaches and promotes it's own martial arts 4. Buddhists are idol worshippers 5. Buddhism teaches reincarnation 6. Karma is like a law of return, or worse, karma is fatalistic...
  9. dyanaprajna2011

    Connection between Greek philosophy and Buddhism?

    I'd have to agree with Orontes. Any similarities between Buddhism and ancient Greek philosophy are only superficial. One could say that some ideas of Plato, the Stoics, Diogenes, etc., share a resemblance to Buddhism, but the underlying philosophy is remarkedly different. The closest one could...
  10. dyanaprajna2011

    What Religion Would You Choose If You Had To Change

    Taoism, probably, or maybe Advaita Hinduism. Would Discordianism count? :p
  11. dyanaprajna2011

    Martial arts and Dharmic faith

    First off, I would hesitate to call any martial art 'Buddhist'. While there are many martial arts that either took from Buddhist philosophy or incorporates some of it's practices, there's nothing I would call an actual Buddhist martial art. With that being said, the popularity of both Buddhism...
  12. dyanaprajna2011

    Dharma Perspective... What is a fulfilled Life? What is the 'meaning' of life?

    To travel the path, and enjoy the journey, and to arrive at the destination.
  13. dyanaprajna2011

    Questions and thoughts on Zen practice.

    It all depends on how you view it. If it becomes a hindrance, I would say it's time to drop it. If it helps spur one in their practice, then there would be no issue with it. Buddhism is about practice, not beliefs, and there's certainly room in Buddhism for the veneration of ancestor spirits. I...
  14. dyanaprajna2011

    Communication with Devas?

    I've never had such an experience, and it's not something Buddhists actively seek for, so it's probably pretty rare.
  15. dyanaprajna2011

    Is life suffering?

    There would still be suffering, but there would be more time in this life to attain enlightenment.
  16. dyanaprajna2011

    Enlightenment as the end of ego or egoism?

    Suffering is caused by clinging, which is itself caused by ignorance. Ignorance of what? The constituents of right view. These constituents are the four noble truths, the three marks of existence, and karma. So what does this mean? Anything else is just concepts, with no real existence...
  17. dyanaprajna2011

    Sidd's Cafe'

    So, who's going to serve me some tea?
  18. dyanaprajna2011

    I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sweet. How long have you been married? How old is the baby? Boy or girl?