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    Muslims I admire

    Tariq Jameel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia moulana tariq jameel (db) a very well known preacher and scholar originally from pakistan, travels the whole world for the sake of dawah
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    Major World Religions of Tommorrow

    religions will grow and fall, islam will inshallah continue growing over the next few years
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    Ask Imam :: Fatwa
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    waseela in some forms according to the ulema of deoband is acceptable in some other forms its not
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    darul uloom deoband?

    yes exactly. i think currently residing in makkah. ml. makki a famous deobandi scholar. most of the seminaries in the uk are run by deoband affiliated people.
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    darul uloom deoband?

    darululoom deoband has being praised because of the great scholars it has produced over the past 2 centuries. anybody knows about this institute?
  7. Y

    tableeghi jamaat

    i feel saying that it is based on the hanfi madhab is totally wrong, my father is a salafi yet he takes part in the effort, depending on the area, for e.g in yorkshire most people are hanafi so most tablighis will be hanafi but other madhabs never let thier fiqh intervene in matters of tabligh...
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    tableeghi jamaat

    have no idea, maybe he was a follower of another madhab
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    OH GOD! [frubals for intelligent responses]

    god is talking about islam. the religion he wants you to follow , the religion he has completed
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    Farooqrashid from Karachi (Pakistan)

    assalamualykum. hello and welcome.
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    darul uloom deoband?

    tabligh jamaat reviving scholar ml. ilyas (rh) had strong ties with darul uloom deoband
  12. Y

    darul uloom deoband?

    a little bit of info : The Darul Uloom Deoband (Urdu: دارالعلوم دیوبند) is an Islamic school propagating Sunni Islam in the Indian Subcontinent.[2], and is where the Deobandi Islamic movement was started...
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    darul uloom deoband?

    what's everyone's view on this seminar
  14. Y

    tableeghi jamaat

    many people has transformed thier lives through this effort, scholars have been produced through this effort an example mufti ebrahim desai of south africa
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    Shia,s Imams

    may i ask are you shia?
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    whats your view of ml. tariq jameel

    whats your view of ml. tariq jameel
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    moulana tariq jamil

    how do you view him?
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    ramadhaan mubarak, sorry for late reply i was away

    ramadhaan mubarak, sorry for late reply i was away
  19. Y

    Sects In Islam : Satanic tricks

    this is very true, the akabir alaways tell us that tablegh is to create unity amongst the ummah
  20. Y

    I will be joining you

    subhanallah-= glory be to allah, mashallah brother may allah reward you eith jannatul firdous = the highest jannah, nice to hear that someone is determined to accept islam