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  1. Quagmire

    Trump Believes There Were Airports In 1700S

    That's pretty funny. In a really scary kind of way. :oops:
  2. Quagmire

    Happy birthday Twilight hue!

    Happy Birthday!! ;):thumbsup: @Twilight Hue
  3. Quagmire

    Coronavirus Facts and Information thread:

    *** Note: this thread is in the Current Events forum, which is a sub of General Discussion. Debating is not allowed here. If you want to hold a debate about whether or not we should be taking this whole thing seriously or whatever, please create your own thread in one of the debates forums. ***
  4. Quagmire

    Why are a lot of people pessimistic ?

    Evolution has just wired us that way. The early humanoid that walked around thinking, "I'll bet there's a lion hidden in the grass over there", had a better chance of living long enough to pass on his genes than the one thinking, "What a nice day! Look at all those cool little birdies in the...
  5. Quagmire


    Welcome. :thumbsup:
  6. Quagmire

    I truly hate to say this

    You may be mistaking cool for cold.
  7. Quagmire

    What did you have?

    What did you have?
  8. Quagmire

    Yeah, I broke it a couple of nights ago.

    Yeah, I broke it a couple of nights ago.
  9. Quagmire

    Ta da

    Ta da
  10. Quagmire

    The label says "classic". Knowing the people that work at the deli where I'm at that probably...

    The label says "classic". Knowing the people that work at the deli where I'm at that probably just means old.
  11. Quagmire

    Potato salad is good. I just thought you should know. Well, my work here is done.

    Potato salad is good. I just thought you should know. Well, my work here is done.
  12. Quagmire

    Wild Turkeys...

    Imagine what Thanksgiving dinner was like in the Cretaceous period.
  13. Quagmire

    Why are most of the comments and discussions in YouTube comments sections so terrible and immature ?

    My first thought is; what kind of videos are you watching? I watch a lot of YouTube and read a lot of comments, and most of the comments I've seen are pretty friendly and polite.
  14. Quagmire

    Some of the Locals.

    Awww. But how did you know his name is Joey?
  15. Quagmire

    On the trinity

    ***Thread moved to Religious Debates***
  16. Quagmire

    If You Could Go Back...

    Yup, and 18 is just about right. I never started a family so I wouldn't have that to worry about. I don't know if I'd change anything, I would just give myself permission to enjoy it all more, minus all those pesky "should"s I had bouncing around in my head for the first two or three decades...
  17. Quagmire

    AI videos how far are we

    I only bother to try guessing in the first few (The videos 21 minutes long) but I knew right off that the first one was AI. I didn't score well at all with the rest of them though. I've been watching a lot of videos about AI video generation lately and almost all of the shots of people...
  18. Quagmire

    All-Star Trek

    That's why I'm here: to notice those things for you. :thumbsup:
  19. Quagmire

    All-Star Trek

    That's so cool. But did you notice that in the posterish final frame the guy at the far left (assuming that Spock without the pointy ears and wearing a bow tie for some reason) looks like Leonard Nimoy, and Pike looks like William Shatner from the nose up?
  20. Quagmire

    Happy Birthday osgart!!

    Hope you have a great day!! ;):thumbsup: @osgart