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  1. Renji


    His body is cremated and daddy decided to take his remains to Incheon, South Korea where most of our relatives live. I think I am done with this website.
  2. Renji

    Good morning Baek Jonim. I miss you a lot. I miss playing with you. I miss your smiles.

    Good morning Baek Jonim. I miss you a lot. I miss playing with you. I miss your smiles.
  3. Renji

    Dear brother, I miss you everyday. Thank you for being a good brother to me. I will miss you...

    Dear brother, I miss you everyday. Thank you for being a good brother to me. I will miss you Back Jonim. Saranghe.
  4. Renji


    Thank you. In behalf of my step brother and the Lee family, thank you for all your kind words and condolences. I really love him and it is a relief to see his pictures and posts on this site. It makes me feel like he is still here. Again, thank you.
  5. Renji


    This is Lawrence's step brother the owner of this account under username Renji. My name is Lee In So. I am not sure where to post this for I am not familiar with this website. I am just here to inform his friends here that he actually died just earlier this day due to car accident and our family...
  6. Renji

    I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay. Then, welcome baaaaaaaaack!:p
  7. Renji

    Christian only : Modern tongues movement

    Sorry for some grammar errors though. I am already sleepy when I posted that.
  8. Renji

    Christian only : Modern tongues movement

    The way I understand it, there are "tongues" that can be a 'language' foreign to us. Example, you are someone from America and upon receiving this gift you are able to speak in Greek even if unknown to you. There are some instances of this that have occurred and have been documented (though I am...
  9. Renji

    Post your pic 2!

    Early morning selfie.
  10. Renji

    Weird dreams.

    That's really a weird dream. Reminds me of a discussion we've had on our psychology class. I can remember what my professor said: "Each dream has something to do with what lies in our subconscious, no matter how weird the dream is" and in some cases, we can actually put our "personal meaning" on...
  11. Renji

    Post your pic 2!

    I really want to upload other pics right now, but I am having problems with my internet. It's like I'm throwing away $40 a month for my mobile internet yet I often have this problem. *vent out mode * Anyway, for newbies who don't know me yet, here you go.
  12. Renji

    Who Else Misreads Titles?

    I actually misread this thread title. I thought it's "Who else misread ****?".
  13. Renji

    Ever had an online crush?

    I was browsing some old threads in here and I think it's actually a fun thread to revive. :D Ever had a crush on someone (or someone you would want to meet in person) you just know online? May or may not include RF.
  14. Renji

    Do you miss someone from RF?

    I'm bringing back one of those old threads in here. I'm kinda bored! :D Anyway, any RF member that used to be here for quite sometime and you actually miss? *Nostalgic mode.*
  15. Renji

    Are you NOT new to ReligiousForums.com?

    I can feel you DS. I've been there.
  16. Renji

    Are you NOT new to ReligiousForums.com?

    Don't you think that it is more economical to go to either Philippines or South Korea? Well, I guess it's only economical for me since I'm a citizen for both countries. :D
  17. Renji

    Are you NOT new to ReligiousForums.com?

    Well, I attended a catholic seminary school, for those want to become a priest, I may not look like it, but yeah I thought I have such calling. I eventually come out due to doctrinal issues. Then, I also joined a christian church, where I used to be trained for pastorship level, then I decided...
  18. Renji

    Lifetime Premium Membership Added

    Thanks for the info Brent. I'm actually considering of availing the premium membership.
  19. Renji

    If you could use stem cells from fetal tissue to end miscarriages forever, would you do it?

    I was about to say "Can't those researchers just get a stem cell from the placenta instead of a fetus?" Or that "I'm quite sure that such research is not a hundred percent guarantee no matter how promising it is." :p But then, for argument's sake, I'd probably not prefer that. Regardless of...
  20. Renji

    Where are all the Catholics?

    Well, I'd say that I am an agnostic, though I am attending a local christian church lately. Let's just say that I don't really prefer religion, and for the sake that this is a DIR forum, I guess I'll just leave it that way. :)