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  1. Daemon Sophic

    Europe wants peace

    In general, most citizens of the USA want peace for Ukraine following the complete withdrawal of Russian forces from those Ukrainian lands demarcated by the borders that were in effect 5 years ago. If Russia wants to diplomatically discuss land transfer from Ukraine to Russia after that point...
  2. Daemon Sophic

    What is a living individual and is it naturally universally mobile?

    Not at all, until you demonstrate what UMI is, and why it is dependent upon particle and energy motion. Otherwise, it is something. Something that we are aware of. We are aware that atoms are tiny. They also make up all physical matter. These facts are universally constant. But the...
  3. Daemon Sophic

    Road trip!!

    Is this yours @Shaul ?
  4. Daemon Sophic

    What is a living individual and is it naturally universally mobile?

    OK. Again, slow down. And congratulations on the publication of your book. Assuming of course @tonylang that your username here, and the book's author's name are in fact not a coincidence. ;) After a brief scan of the internet (i.e. a Google search), you are in fact the sole individual...
  5. Daemon Sophic

    What is a living individual and is it naturally universally mobile?

    Welcome to the RF @tonylang . Have some nanaimo bars…. …. And SLOW the FRICKS down. Learn. To. Summarize. or all your posts with WOTs will be ignored by 99% of the people who might have a reasonable response to you. Furthermore, by blasting out WOT after WOT, even if they remain roughly...
  6. Daemon Sophic

    Why Plutocrats Are Rallying to Trump

    Its not so much good vs bad. Its more about wise vs foolish (dangerously so). And what you describe about billionaires being "smart", is better characterized as "cunning" or "conniving" (which is a short-term and self-service only, form of "smart"). The bottom line is that the difference of...
  7. Daemon Sophic

    Happy Father's Day!!

    Thank you! .... and happy Father's Day to all the other fathers on here!
  8. Daemon Sophic

    Books About Revoltingest

    That was the book about the Apocalypse, right?
  9. Daemon Sophic

    The last post is the WINNER!

    Dammit Isaac!! Geesh! What a downer!
  10. Daemon Sophic

    New species formed by merging two species.

    I think that it should be made clear, reading further into the article, that this algae and cyanobacterium have been rooming up together for roughly 100,000,000 years now. (The blink of an eye on evolutionary terms ) This article discusses that the scientists have been able to note that the...
  11. Daemon Sophic

    Hunter Biden convicted

    If that happens, then we can discuss. Until then, both Biden Jr. and Biden Sr. are taking it stoically and with respect for the USAs legal system. Period. Meanwhile, Trump, that lone-wolf, maverick, spoiled rich-boy, who's stepping on the necks of us working class folks, is crying like a...
  12. Daemon Sophic

    Political humor. Either party.

    And you never will, as long as Trump doesn't illegally use campaign funds to pay the hush money. ;)
  13. Daemon Sophic

    Is it possible to find meaning in entertainment ?

    “Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it's a simple adventure story. Others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe” ― Lex Luthor
  14. Daemon Sophic

    Hunter Biden convicted

    We should also note that POTUS Joe Biden has made it clear that he will accept the court's decision, and he will not pardon his own son. Now if we could only get the GOP righties to try, for one day, to respect the USA's Law enforcement and justice system. :(
  15. Daemon Sophic

    How embarrassed and shameful would Biden and the Democrats be if a felon beat them in the election for POTUS?

    Best single political quote from RF in the last 8 years. Kudos @It Aint Necessarily So The remainder of your post is also well worth "Quoting for Truth" (QFT).
  16. Daemon Sophic

    How embarrassed and shameful would Biden and the Democrats be if a felon beat them in the election for POTUS?

    So, IYO, who should be more embarrassed. The Patriotic American Democrats who vote for President Biden and yet fail to have him reinstated as POTUS? Or the uninformed and willfully misinformed Republican voters, who cheer on their hateful and anti-American dictator wanna-be felon for the...
  17. Daemon Sophic

    The last post is the WINNER!

    Well..... if you're on a bike or a motorcycle without a helmet, then I'm moving your post to the loser bin. PS - I'm glad your head-wound was recoverable.
  18. Daemon Sophic

    The last post is the WINNER!

    In the early 1970s, I had a three-wheeler, like this: .... but by 1979, I was looking at one of these bad-boys :cool:... I don't mean to brag, but yeah.... I did have a kick-stand too. ;)
  19. Daemon Sophic

    Overall freedom in the 50 states. Where does your state rank?

    While the "freedom" map in the OP is undeniably right-wing-biased, saying that every state which is pro-smoking, anti-gun-regulation, anti-union, pro-private-schooling or home-schooling, and additionally has no large-scale international business headquarters (such as in NY, CA, OR, and WA) is by...