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  1. Satyamavejayanti

    Why do most Hindu godesses have a fierce aspect?

    Namaste, As many have mentioned that it is Parvati Mata that has the more "Fierce", aspect, other Devis do not portray this. Also if we look at the stories of Kali Mata and Durga in general, the fierceness is only directed at Rakchasas and Asuras ect and never is it just a fit of...
  2. Satyamavejayanti

    Which sacred texts of your own and other traditions have you studied?

    Namaste, I would say that i have "studied", which is have a somewhat in depth understanding of: Rig Veda, Sukla Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharva Veda (translations), and the Gita translations. I have read (not exactly studied) and have a somewhat of a grasp on: some Major/Minor Upanishads...
  3. Satyamavejayanti

    I am reading the Quran, Gospel, Psalms, Tora, BoMormon, Avesta and i wonder if the Vedas are also...

    Namaste, I don't know Sanskrit, i also rely on translations, i tend to read more then one translation to understand the texts. I picked up minor Sanskrit words just by reading translations that have the original Sanskrit in them. I guess you will not find anyone who knows the Vedic Sanskrit...
  4. Satyamavejayanti

    Sanatan Dharma

    Namaste, I don't know. You are asking "When did SA-NAA-ANTA (that which is never ending) begin?", its a hard one to answer.
  5. Satyamavejayanti

    Hinduism avatars

    Namaste, According to the belief of some Vaishnavite and non Vaishnava Hindus, Kalki will take avatar at around 430000 years from 3102BC (approx Hindu dates) during the Kali yuga, and will remove the Adharmic forces and establish Dharma again, which will mark the beginning of the Satya Yuga and...
  6. Satyamavejayanti

    Why don't the Chinese learn English instead of Mandarin

    Namaste, There is no need for English either in India IMO, why do Indians speak English? Why Cant they all Speak a native language and use either Hindi or Tamil ect or even Sanskrit to communicate between each other? Because English is not their native language, they have more pride and...
  7. Satyamavejayanti

    Who was Krishna in your tradition?

    Namaste, Dhanyavad on the reply, all good here mate. Now that makes more sense, and i agree that traditions were founded on devotion to Krishna and every other Deva/Avatar/Devi ect, by their devotees and Bhaktas, which forms the Body of what we term today as Hinduism. Dhanyavad.
  8. Satyamavejayanti

    Who was Krishna in your tradition?

    Namaste, Please don' t think i am being rude, hopefully i don' t intend to come across as being just negative about everything you say, if i do come across as that i do apologise. Then if it just a belief, i assumed you mean this is not a requirement for Bahais to believe that Krishna was a...
  9. Satyamavejayanti

    I like Hindu gods

    Namaste, Listen to your Inner Voice, let her advise you, then meditate on the advise and do as you desire. Dhanyavad
  10. Satyamavejayanti

    Who was Krishna in your tradition?

    Namaste and Dhanyavad for your reply. My queries was not really about the diverse views of Hindus, all i want to know is would you agree the Bahai claim of Krishna is undermining and rejecting the Hindu claim of Krishna, specifically those that claim Krishna as a Avatar? Ok, the claim is...
  11. Satyamavejayanti

    Who was Krishna in your tradition?

    Namaste, Well this is the great thing about Dharmic Systems, weather one starts with the Problem (Dukha) or one starts with the Remedy (Ananda), the purpose remains the same, which is to alleviate Dukha by isolating the causes. I would not call either approach a "mistake'. Dhanyavad
  12. Satyamavejayanti

    Who was Krishna in your tradition?

    Namaste, Well the reason for the focus of Dukha is a practical one, and i think Sankhya, Veshishika ect and also later Vedanta and bhakti traditions also focused on Dukha and how to alleviate it. If you read the Sankhya karika for example, the vary first sutra is about Dukha and how to remove...
  13. Satyamavejayanti

    Who was Krishna in your tradition?

    Namaste, Yes i see this, But I would like to Know why is Krishna the only one being talked about and acknowledged by non Hindus, I know there are the Abrahamic and Dharmics, the history and what not ect ect, but this curiosity is only recently say past 200-250 years (compared to the timescale...
  14. Satyamavejayanti

    Who was Krishna in your tradition?

    Namaste, See below for more on Avatar. Avatar - Wikipedia Also have some Modern Claims of Avatar List of avatar claimants - Wikipedia As for people in Hinduism being considered as intermediates between a inaccessible God and Humans, i would say that i have not come across any, so far. I...
  15. Satyamavejayanti

    Who was Krishna in your tradition?

    Namaste, Thanks (Dhanyavad) for your reply back, It seems Krishna is most popular among the Non Hindus more then other Avatars (such as Ram) but i still cant understand why, for you and probably other Bahai's it seems that this intrigue and curiosity of Krishna only arises because his name is...
  16. Satyamavejayanti

    Who was Krishna in your tradition?

    Namaste, Can i first ask, Why are you asking only about Krishna, Why not ask about the other Avatars or Shiva, Shakti or Brahma, or other Devas and Devis of Hinduism? I only ask because i notice that most non Hindus only ask about Krishna? If there seems to be not enough information about...
  17. Satyamavejayanti

    Dharma within Hinduism, Buddhism and beyond

    Namaste, I cannot give a definition of Dharma in English as there exists none, so i would translate Dharma as "Responsibility/Responsible Karm", this is my own understanding of the word/practice. The example that i like is that a Tiger has its natural Dharm and so does a Deer (Jati Dharma)...
  18. Satyamavejayanti

    Question for Hindus only, 'what in your eyes makes for a real Hindu?'

    Namaste, As i am a Hindu, i will provide my opinion on the below questions. Is someone born from Christian parents who became a Brahmin through study and merit in ISKCON a Hindu? Yes Is someone who visits Hindu temples regularly or not so regular a Hindu? No Is someone who believes in...
  19. Satyamavejayanti

    Question for Hindus only, 'what in your eyes makes for a real Hindu?'

    Namaste, Some parts of that explanation is true, we can observe that it does Rain, Rain is consumed by the earth, earth is consumed by Plants and animals, the same plants and animals are consumed by Humans, when humans die the the Bodies are consumed by animals and plants, everything dies and...
  20. Satyamavejayanti

    What religious grounds have rulers stood on in Hinduism?

    Namaste, I have not found such statements where people are advised or told to obey kings or or rulers in the Veda samhita or the Principal Upanishads, from memory there are some stories and teachings from in the Ithihas literature (Ramayana & Mahabharata) about kings being a more of a care...