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Search results

  1. Dena

    My Chat with Jews For Jesus

    I didn't know they had a chat. I might have to try it out sometime just to amuse myself. I left these sort of debates behind because they only serve to drive me absolutely insane and I really just don't care enough. I do find it funny how they throw out words like "yeshivah" to appear as if...
  2. Dena

    Internet use during Sabbath

    My electrician husband insist that electricity is indeed a form of lightning fire. For a time I refrained for internet use on Shabbat but I don't really care much anymore.
  3. Dena

    Jewish and Unitarian Universalist?

    I'm curious as to why you would want to continue your affiliation with the UU church if you're converting? Is it because you've made friends there?
  4. Dena

    Do Christians love Jews and other questions?

    I'm fairly certain there are quite a few Christians who love me. I don't think so. Believe what? In his existence? That's he a god? A savior? A messiah? Nevermind that, what are we doing to improve the world?
  5. Dena

    Which of the following movements do you feel more identified with?

    Yep, I voted for two. I checked "humanist" and "other". Well, I used to be in more in between Conservative and Orthodox. I considered halacha to be binding on all Jews whether they liked it or not. I'm much more lax these days and I'd say that I fit in quite a bit with the humanists, however...
  6. Dena

    Women rabbis

    Mine too.
  7. Dena

    Which of the following movements do you feel more identified with?

    I added the "other" because I do keep kosher (though it's not that difficult since I don't eat meat) and I am a member of both a Reform and Conservative congregation.
  8. Dena

    Judeo-Christian...say what?

    You agree with what?
  9. Dena

    Jewish Only: Studies

    Well, what's included? I wouldn't consider Hebrew for example, to be purely "religious study" and would likely group it with regular school work same as I would Spanish or another language.
  10. Dena


    Ah, gotcha. You are right, it does have a subforum here. But on websites I never see it listed. It wasn't on the link someone gave you previously, so I included another for you. :)
  11. Dena

    Judeo-Christian...say what?

    Like Tarheelers says, many Christian do think Jews and Christians believe almost the same thing. I've had Christians downright shocked at the things I tell them and it's not because I'm super liberal, I'm giving them the normal, traditional views. They have no clue. Honestly, they think it's...
  12. Dena


    Humanists are usually not on the lists (probably because one could argue humanism doesn't count). Here's a website if you are interested. Society for Humanistic Judaism - Home
  13. Dena

    Jews & Guns

    Last night I listened to someone get shot across the street from me (I'm completely serious). It was quite unpleasant. I did find a report that says he should be okay but the suspects ran away. We do have guns in our home but I don't know how to use them.While I'm not particularly considered...
  14. Dena

    Pew study and the Rise of ‘Jews of no religion’

    I think it was not surprising but I was a little confused by the number of people who say they aren't even Jewish anymore.
  15. Dena

    New Jewish Members Thread. Introduce Yourself

    Oh, and welcome!
  16. Dena

    New Jewish Members Thread. Introduce Yourself

    My understanding has been that there is no difference between the two so I'm curious if you'd care to explain? If you'd rather not, I understand.
  17. Dena

    White Nationalist Encounter

    I have absolutely no truth. I would have been terrified probably.I suppose I would have just tried to get away from him as quickly as possible.
  18. Dena

    Pew study and the Rise of ‘Jews of no religion’

    I agree with what you are saying here. Jews living in a modern world with differing culture, understanding of the world and science are going to relate very differently to Judaism than generations of the past. That cannot just be ignored.
  19. Dena

    Do you wish there will be afterlife

    No. I don't understand the question. I would like to have more lives so I can see what happens in the future...unless it's just awful, then I suppose being dead would be better.
  20. Dena

    Atheism vs Non-religious Theism

    Yeah, that seems like the best place to start.