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  1. Guitar's Cry

    You Can't Argue Against God

    At which point, there's no reason to persuade me anymore. The problem is these differing concepts of reality can have real negative impact. The belief that an ancient manuscript "inspired by God" condemns homosexuality and denies women autonomy over their decisions should be argued against in...
  2. Guitar's Cry

    You Can't Argue Against God

    Which is why it's important to be able to argue. I am told lots of things about God and religion in order to go to church or vote a particular way, so sometimes I find I need to argue about this. Often, the person knows more about the subject than I do, but I, in turn, know more about other...
  3. Guitar's Cry

    You Can't Argue Against God

    Except where the claim is being used to coerce me into something, like attending a church or vote a certain way.
  4. Guitar's Cry

    Right to Contraception Act.

    It's not gullibility when the person saying it is a known lier and grifter with authoritarian tendancies trying to become president. A joke? No, it's pretty darn serious.
  5. Guitar's Cry

    Books About Revoltingest

    I wouldn't recommend The Story of revOltingest.
  6. Guitar's Cry


    Talk about Sarte-ire. (That was bad and I feel bad.)
  7. Guitar's Cry


    I also write songs. It's my main creative outlet. I've been doing it since high school. In college, I started to write a rock opera for an Existential Literature class that I am still playing around with.
  8. Guitar's Cry

    Happy Birthday Frank Goad!!

    Happy birthday,!
  9. Guitar's Cry

    Happy Birthday Soandso!!

    Happy birthday!
  10. Guitar's Cry


    But how does advertising sex in this case work? There are plenty of individual females who are physically stronger than some individual men. While I will concede that women have a good reasons to be cautious around men given sexual assault rates, the perception of gender isn't where the danger...
  11. Guitar's Cry


    You are, unless I misunderstood you here: How people treat them. Do you think people don't factor gender into how they are treated? Considering you seem to want people to be able to "recognize our differences due to biology," it would seem that you think biology should make a difference in...
  12. Guitar's Cry

    Human instinct. Yes or NO?

    I think we do, and I think because of our ability to manipulate our environment, we indulge them with supernormal stimuli. Our nest-building instincts become skyscrapers; our responses to sexuality become a myriad of things like porn and overemphasized primary and secondary sex characteristics...
  13. Guitar's Cry

    Happy Birthday loverofhumanity!!

    Happy birthday!
  14. Guitar's Cry


    I don't see people saying that they magically change their biology with the use of pronouns, but I do see people wanting to be socially treated in certain ways, and for non-binary folks, they don't want gender to be the defining factor. Again, it comes down to this idea of people advertising...
  15. Guitar's Cry


    [Emphasis added by me] Who are "they"? The medical community?
  16. Guitar's Cry

    What I really think of you all

    Brings a tear to my eye...
  17. Guitar's Cry

    How embarrassed and shameful would Biden and the Democrats be if a felon beat them in the election for POTUS?

    I voted somewhat. Democrats have always struggled with being tenacious about the actual good their political positions and policy does for the public, and especially how in the last 8 years they have been an effective block for some of the malicious legislation Conservatives could be putting...
  18. Guitar's Cry

    Question about dreams and aliens.

    Life is about balance after all!
  19. Guitar's Cry

    Question about dreams and aliens.

    And have psychic powers. I feel like those would be useful.