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  1. Augustus

    It is impossible Mohammad (s) and his family (a) historically existed and they did not perform miracles.

    Arguably it was intended to be the holiest site during Mo’s life (perhaps until he died during the attempted conquest and thus inconveniently ‘failed’) It’s certainly a bit of an ambiguous issue though and many competing views exist. Mecca is, at best, mentioned once and arguably not at all...
  2. Augustus

    It is impossible Mohammad (s) and his family (a) historically existed and they did not perform miracles.

    You might be interested in this: A possible Jewish source for this unusual 'night journey' to Jerusalem appears in the Rabbinic translation exegesis in Aramaic of the Bible attributed,though this is questioned, to R. Yonatan Ben Uziel from the Tannaitic period. It is considered that this...
  3. Augustus

    It is impossible Mohammad (s) and his family (a) historically existed and they did not perform miracles.

    Neither of these are unambiguously in the Quran. The “night journey” passage is arguably about Moses, and some scholars have even suggested it may be an interpolation. Regardless it entirely relies on Hadith to turn a vague and ambiguous passage into the night journey. The moon splitting...
  4. Augustus

    The nature of belief systems

    The eugenics movement actually had significant ideological overlap with the humanist movement (although historically eugenics covers things from family planning to horrific racialism). For example: Sir Julian Sorell Huxley FRS[1] (22 June 1887 – 14 February 1975) was a British evolutionary...
  5. Augustus

    It is impossible Mohammad (s) and his family (a) historically existed and they did not perform miracles.

    That verse seems to be talking about a future event connected to the eschaton. The miracles seem to be late fabrications in Hadith that attempt to justify Muhammad’s lack of miracles outside of the purportedly miraculous Quran.
  6. Augustus

    Is it possible to find meaning in entertainment ?

    All humans create meaning through narratives. I'm not sure there is any other way to create meaning. Entertainment has always been a source of narratives, and a means of conveying knowledge in ways that make people more likely to listen and remember. Anyone with a sense of purpose construct it...
  7. Augustus

    Goodbye Perhaps?

    I for one would be beside myself with grief at missing out on the erudition and nuanced philosophical insight that each and every one of the 9.76 million threads on US party politics has provided over the past decade or so. "Haha TDS TDS!!! AOC is Pol Pot!!!" "You are stupid and only watch...
  8. Augustus

    In Economic Systems Where is Islam Located?

    Muhammad was a merchant which is largely accepted even outside of the Islamic theological narratives, legends and hagiographies. In the Islamic mythology, pre-Islamic Mecca was a major commercial and trading hub, and a major site of pilgrimage for all Arabs which also led to commercial...
  9. Augustus

    What I've been learning about ancient paganism.

    The idea that paganism (at least the better known European and Mediterranean varieties) was nature worship is pretty contested to say the least. One school of thought is that this is mostly an invention of the 19th c Romantic movement and 20th c neopaganism. Agrarian societies obviously had...
  10. Augustus

    "Person of Color," "Brown," or "White"? Or Something Else?

    Folk from the south and Eastern Mediterranean share a common heritage. The idea that some of them are grouped with Nordic and Germanic folk as “white” Europeans whereas others are grouped as “brown Arabs” purely based on 20th c geopolitical division between “Europe” and the “Middle East” has...
  11. Augustus

    Taking Some Time Away

    Wishing you the best
  12. Augustus

    Scientism is not a Cult

    I see your point, but it would also depend on how you define “misuse”. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are objectively “wrong” to use a word in that way, but using a word for the purpose of obfuscation and misdirection (or at least with insufficient regard with standard usage that it will...
  13. Augustus

    Who here believes in "Scientism"?

    Funnily enough, the need to point out that the term is a criticism of unscientific approaches rather than a criticism of science goes back to the very beginnings of the debate with Hayek in the 1940s. 82 years later the point still hasn’t been understood consistently :D It need scarcely be...
  14. Augustus

    Who here believes in "Scientism"?

    I didn’t object to any of those things or accuse you of scientism. I’m not even sure I’ve said anything at all to you in this thread, let alone any of the things you mentioned in your rant. I simply pointed out (in a different thread) that the difference between natural and social sciences is...
  15. Augustus

    Scientism is not a Cult

    Why? No, I chose to give a proper meaning of the term, rather than the polemical misuse. If someone asked me to define socialism I wouldn’t define it as “anyone to the left of the right wing of the US Republican Party” even though some people use it that way. I have no interest in...
  16. Augustus

    Who here believes in "Scientism"?

    You tried to explain why. It proved you were wrong. Can lead a horse to water… For methodological reasons, Many social sciences are obviously less reliable. No point in pretending otherwise. Natural sciences generally study things that exist independently of human observation, social...
  17. Augustus

    Scientism is not a Cult

    The modern usage of the term dates from the 1940s, originally from FA Hayek. See: http://www.compilerpress.ca/Competitiveness/Anno/Anno%20Hayek%20Scientism%201.htm It criticised the application of the methods and language of natural sciences beyond their effective boundaries. It was...
  18. Augustus

    Who here believes in "Scientism"?

    MN is simply rejecting supernatural causes for events. Thus you are arguing social sciences invoke the supernatural. Why do malign science so much? This must reflect you extreme anti science agenda. You have also ranted against: A) the idea some sciences are less reliable than others B)...
  19. Augustus

    Who here believes in "Scientism"?

    Your extreme anti-science agenda and crusade against scientific rigour is noted. Your continued misrepresentation of the concept of methodological naturalism and continued diatribes against maintaining high standards across the sciences must come from your hostility to reason and rational...
  20. Augustus

    Evidence, science and religion and that evidence matters.

    Where do you get the idea that social sciences don’t use scientific methods and are not falsifiable? (Also it is certainly debatable whether or not natural sciences must be falsifiable to be scientific, for example aspects of theoretical physics). Social sciences are generally far less...