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  1. t3gah

    the name your favorite movies thread

  2. t3gah

    Yahweh, Jehovah, The LORD, or G-d

  3. t3gah

    Dragon? Unicorn? Mystical beasts in the bible????

    The questions is "why?", not "why not?". All depends on the original text the translations came from. So in the Greek text, does it really say "dragon" is Greek or did someone put that in the translation like a previous post stated? And then the Hebrew-Aramaic text, does it really mean in...
  4. t3gah

    God never called the bad angel: Satan, Devil or Beelzebub. So ?

    Since the words in the Christian bible say that the chief enemy angel of the Christian God is a devil and a satan and the people back then called it beelzebub which are not names the Christian God gave that disobedient angel, why do many people of this time period and past time periods all think...
  5. t3gah

    Was Mohammed who penned the koran (quran) a false prophet?

    According to Jesus statement in the new testament of the bible, he, Jesus, states that all those that come after him stating something new that's not in the bible are false prophets and false christs. which means that the mohammed of the koran (quran) is a false prophet and an antichrist...
  6. t3gah

    why didn't the apostles follow the example of jesus resurrecting Lazarus?

    In the new testament, Jesus is told his best friend and fellow Christian, Lazarus has died and then Jesus goes to the grave and resurrects him even though he's told that Lazarus has been dead for four days. Why didn't the apostles pick up on this lesson to resurrect each other so that none...
  7. t3gah

    Errors in Bible translations...

    Revelation 12:17; 12:3, 7, 9; 13:2; 16:12; 20:2 The references to a mystical/mythical "dragon" in the verses listed above is incorrect in so many bibles including the kjv, nwt, and so on, that I didn't list them all here. In the book of Genesis 3:4, the true term or word "serpent" and...
  8. t3gah

    Dragon? Unicorn? Mystical beasts in the bible????

    the point i'm making is obvious, but i just realized i should have put this on my "error in bible translations" thread, because they put dragon in revelation instead of serpent. my bad. the "for emphasis bit" just doesn't wash when it comes to the scriptures. i think those that were...
  9. t3gah

    knew about this place (RF.com) from a friend or just happened by?

    this is a poll to see how everyone got to religiousforums.com choices: (1) Through someone that is a registered user here or (2) By someone that was a registered user here (3) By an administrator or moderator from religiousforums.com (4) Through a printed publication (5) Via a online...
  10. t3gah

    How many antichrists will there be according to 1 John 2:18, 19

    Everytime I think about that section of the bible I remember it says antichrist singular and then plural later. Any one know which it's supposed to be, one antichrist or many?!
  11. t3gah

    PSALM 83:18 , just the earth and not the universe?

    The God listed in Psalm 83:18 shows that the bible is not for the big letter "g" God, but it's for the regional little letter "g" God because the scripture says "the whole earth" and not "the whole universe".
  12. t3gah

    dominion over some animals?

    how come the bible says man will have dominion over animals but cats have minds of their owns most of the time?! without cracking a whip, using a whistle, etc., try calling your own cat all day long and see if it responds every time or just the times when it wants to come to you. dogs seem...
  13. t3gah

    Dragon? Unicorn? Mystical beasts in the bible????

    So what you are saying is that it's what " translators priviledge" to change the translation because the inspired word of god penned by chosen persons of god didn't know what jesus meant when he relayed the message to john for the book of revelation so the modern translators put "dragon" in...
  14. t3gah

    christian: building churches versus visiting other peoples meeting places

    Like my other thread there is a question that building or buying a church/meeting place is a major sin because Jesus didn't command anyone to build/buy any. But is that so? What of the words that Jesus himself spoke that state that "all things were created for Jesus and through Jesus"?! For me...
  15. t3gah

    christian: building homes versus making tents

    In the new testament in the book of acts, the christian's of the period sold their homes, visitied people in those persons homes and then made tents for themselves to sell and to live in. In my book it's OK for a christian to build their own home because a tent is a home. According to some...
  16. t3gah

    Dragon? Unicorn? Mystical beasts in the bible????

    In case you the reader of this thread don't know, there are various bible translations that have unicorn in place of a horned bull and dragon in place of snake/serpent. In the book of numbers and other old testament books you'll find the unicorn thing. And for the dragon thing the...
  17. t3gah


    now the fun part for all of you people. if you know what scriptures pertain to each statement i made post them with chapter/verse along with text or just the scripture citations will be fine. fun, no?
  18. t3gah

    mohammed, 11 apostles and paul were false prophets ?

    according to the bible, everyone coming after jesus stating they were representatives of jesus or said they were contact with jesus were by jesus, false prophets. the apostle paul stated he had a vision where jesus told him what to do after jesus ascended to heaven. the other apostles also...
  19. t3gah


    I didn't copy all the verses down for obvious reasons and all I am stating are facts from the Bible which is a way of educating oneself as to the content. You think by the amount of posts I have that you, michel, wouldn't even suggest such a thing from me. But perhaps I don't understand your...