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  1. MdmSzdWhtGuy

    Creationism in Public Schools

    It shouldn't anywhere, ever, but here in the US it is a hot topic because we have so many biblical literalist/fundamentalist types who think it is their duty to make everything they think or to be more accurate, feel, into law. There is a big movement here to have the science teachers...
  2. MdmSzdWhtGuy

    Statistical Evidence that Evolution and Religion are Accepted

    I would have to disagree with you, disturbingly. I grew up in Oklahoma, and currently make my home in Texas. There are a LOT of people who buy into a 6,000 year old Earth, critters and all. Some of them even manage to be deacons at Southern Baptist church's and science teachers at the...
  3. MdmSzdWhtGuy

    Can all religions settle their diffrences?

    May parents and most of my extended family are devout Christians who are firmly convinced that I, and any other non-believers are going to Hell. They are convinced, beyond any doubt that all the Jews and Muslims are going to Hell. They are also convinced that it is their duty to go out and...
  4. MdmSzdWhtGuy

    Fact Based Criticisms of Richard Dawkins' Ideas

    Great debate idea Sunstone. I have been away from this site for a long time and was intrigued by this topic, as I have read 3 of his books since I was last on these forums. How sad I was not to see anything that I can really point to over the last 11 pages that is directly addressing your...
  5. MdmSzdWhtGuy

    Is Teaching Children They Might Go to Hell Child Abuse?

    Yes, it is child abuse. I suffered for many years as a child from the terror of the idea of going to Hell, or that those I loved would go. But mostly I was terrified I would work my *** off, go to church Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night every week, then to a week or two of...
  6. MdmSzdWhtGuy

    God May Exist

    Huh? What, exactly is a supernatural experience? Explain how it is different than a daydream, or a wish, and maybe we can begin an actual discussion. And I totally disagree that someone can say logically that "God does not exist." You used the capitalized version of "God" which tends to...
  7. MdmSzdWhtGuy

    Offending the Religious

    Believe it, or don't believe it, that is up to you. I am layed back, but I am in no way a pacifist. I will fight, but not over somebody talking bad about something I believe, or don't believe. Frankly, I don't have any "beliefs" for someone to offend. The things I believe to be true, I...
  8. MdmSzdWhtGuy

    Religion Linked to a Happy Life?

    I don't know much about who they chose for the different groups in the study, but I am not terribly surprised by the results. Unless religion caused people to be happier, then I cannot imagine why somebody would spend their time and 10% of their money toward such an endeavor. If I was able...
  9. MdmSzdWhtGuy

    How long should a inmate be kept alive?

    I gotta take issue with you just a bit here. One thing Texas does not lack, is harshness on crime. We light up more folks here than anywhere else, and if you ever think Texas justice is soft, go sit in the County Courts at Law in McKinney. Those folks up there live to put folks in jail...
  10. MdmSzdWhtGuy

    Do you think God wanted Adam to stay in Eden?

    If we can start off with the premise(s) that God is omniscient, omnipotent, all loving, and "has a plan for us all" (which I have heard from many a believer) then I think the only logical conclusion is that Adam and Eve did everything that God planned for them to do, as has every person since...
  11. MdmSzdWhtGuy

    Pray for the Prostitute

    Yeah, she is kind of an up and comer singing type. I heard a song of hers on the radio, she can actually sing quite well. Oh, and why is this Politician/Arse getting prayer requests in your church? He knowingly and voluntarily went and did this, apparently many times to the tune of $80K or...
  12. MdmSzdWhtGuy

    What's Wrong With Not Liking Homosexuality??

    Nothing more wrong with that, I suppose, than not liking a person for being black, asian, left handed, red haired or female. If you feel OK with disliking those people for those reasons, then who am I to say disliking homosexuals is any different? B.
  13. MdmSzdWhtGuy

    Offending the Religious

    No, you don't have any right not to be offended. I am offended by idiocy all the time. I am going to leave in a minute to drive home in the rain. I will likely be confronted by idiocy, but provided none of them actually comes into contact with me, I will have to go along with the flow, if I...
  14. MdmSzdWhtGuy

    would you kill?

    (Homer Simpson voice) "I would do anything for you Marge, I would kill for you . . . please ask me to kill for you. . . " On a more serious note, I would prefer not to kill, but would hope that I would not hesitate to do so if the situation warranted it to defend myself, a loved one, or...
  15. MdmSzdWhtGuy

    What's The Best Way To Deal With Sexual Desire?

    I recommend either getting somebody to help you with the situation, or you might be forced to take matters into your own hands. Or at least that is how I have been handling (Beavis laugh) such issues. B.
  16. MdmSzdWhtGuy

    Can people mix diffrent religions???

    All right Izdaari, Whether we go off legend (Peter) or accepted historical fact (Leo I, based on the universal jurisdiction argument) I think we can agree, that in either case, it still was not anybody named "Jesus." B.
  17. MdmSzdWhtGuy

    Can people mix diffrent religions???

    From where do you derive this delusion? The Church was started by Jesus? The Church did not even articulate its beliefs until 325 A.D., some 3 centuries after the life and death of anyone who could possibly be held out as the "historical Jesus." And you would be hard pressed to find someone...
  18. MdmSzdWhtGuy

    Westboro Baptist Church...

    If different at all, it is only in degree, certainly not in kind. B.
  19. MdmSzdWhtGuy


    My dad has a master's degree in education, as does my mom, and both are Southern Baptists, go figure, and I also have two very good friends in my office, both of whom are lawyers that are Southern Baptists as well. When confronted about this dichotomy, one of them replied, "I don't believe...
  20. MdmSzdWhtGuy

    Why not believe?

    I would like to see somebody living to a higher standard than Tibetan Buddhist Monks, and they do not believe in that God. Lifetime virgins, never drink, won't even eat meat because it means some being had to die to produce it, a lifetime of chastity, poverty and in servitude to the greater...