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  1. Tranquil Servant

    My mood.... What's yours?

  2. Tranquil Servant

    Ask the Staff Anything About RF

    Can I post music anywhere on the site?
  3. Tranquil Servant

    6 Years Left Until the Second Coming of Yeshuah in 2026

    I'm def a follower of Yeshuah Christ!:hand: And I'm not gonna lie with everything that's happening in the world right now, it seems as though Yeshuah might just be returning sooner rather than later.:flushed:
  4. Tranquil Servant

    6 Years Left Until the Second Coming of Yeshuah in 2026

    This really made me think because if Yeshuah is the WORD and promise of God manifested into flesh, then why would he not know exactly everything that God knows.....But at the same time, Yeshuah was a vessel (a temple) and when he was here, he was a vessel of flesh which might be why his...
  5. Tranquil Servant

    Abrahamic Religions: Polygamy- yes or no?

    1 Corinthians 7 Concerning Married Life
  6. Tranquil Servant

    Abrahamic Religions: Polygamy- yes or no?

    Polygamy, polygyny, polyamorous, or whatever its called!:rolleyes:.....I didn't realize I had to have a PhD in English to post a question!:laughing: Anyways.... I'm a Christian and as far as I know, in the bible we are encouraged to refrain and restrain ourselves from worldly and fleshly...
  7. Tranquil Servant

    Abrahamic Religions: Polygamy- yes or no?

    From a religious point of view.....Polygamy - yes or no? And why? Scriptural proof preferred. (Women especially!!)
  8. Tranquil Servant

    Christians: Easter and Matthew 12:40 ....3 days and 3 nights or 3 days and 2 nights?

    Easter and Matthew 12:40 3 days and 3 nights or 3 days and 2 nights? When should the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ be recognized? This might be helpful..... What Day of the Week Was Christ Crucified?
  9. Tranquil Servant

    Do you feel threatened

    I personally don't feel threatened by questions about my religion as long as they're genuine questions from someone who is actually interested in the answers. What I don't like is when I'm asked rhetorical questions aimed to provoke arguments and never-ending debates which usually end up in...
  10. Tranquil Servant

    We're all just cowards

    I argued using this same point one time in a thread I started a while ago...Blind Faith ;)
  11. Tranquil Servant

    We're all just cowards

    OMG! Sooooo funny but true ;) I laughed so much after reading this part:tearsofjoy:
  12. Tranquil Servant

    If you don't believe in the Quran why do you think it was written?

    I don't think it was made up because I've read the Quran and alittle bit of the Hadith and from reading the description of the prophet Muhammad's reactions after he encountered the angel or after he had a vision (which would cause him to convulse), it is very evident that he was terrified (and...
  13. Tranquil Servant

    Evolution and the Soul

    Hi guys..I just want to say that I appreciate all the feedback and I also want to apologize to @Bob the Unbeliever and @Tiberius for the comments I made which have now been moderated. I was admittedly agitated by your questions and felt as though I was being drawn into a trap of never-ending...
  14. Tranquil Servant

    God's Anger

    Oooh yeah Windwalker I remember now but I don't think you were the only one....hmmm Idk...I can't remember and I'm too tired to look back in the thread but I know I've definitely heard other ppl say that God is love and that he doesn't get angry. I've actually been hearing this all my life...
  15. Tranquil Servant

    God's Anger

    Hi guys...recently I posted a thread asking you guys if you think God feels or has emotion Does God feel? and I was surprised to see that some ppl believe God doesn't get angry. I don't understand why because the bible has many verses about God's anger.... Exodus 22:24 My anger will be aroused...
  16. Tranquil Servant

    Is Jesus the Son of God or God?

    Thank you so much for this!:purpleheart: This is exactly what I was thinking;) Sorry it took so long for me to respond:smirk:
  17. Tranquil Servant

    We're all just cowards

    Haha!:laughing: I kinda did answer my own question there didn't I!
  18. Tranquil Servant

    We're all just cowards

    Even if God did write a book, how would you know God wrote it and why would you believe it? He would have to make an appearance and say "hey guys I wrote this book":handwaving: EDIT- I was actually directing the questions to @QuestioningMind. I didn't mean to generalize the questions because...
  19. Tranquil Servant

    We're all just cowards

    I've actually been christian pretty much all my life and never have I felt like I know more about Christ than now. After having my faith tested because of personal problems and ppl (like most of the ppl on this website:rolleyes:), I felt compelled to learn more about what I claim is my way of...