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    Any Quakers in here?

    I'm not a Quaker, but I probably respect it the most out of all the Christian denominations. My grandfather's family was Quaker, and that's basically the only connection I have to the religion.
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    Indigo children.

    I'm an atheist, so I don't believe in souls or stuff like that... and I think that this whole "indigo children" thing is quackery. I agree with the OP post that it's simply some con artist making a buck off of gullible parents. All parents want to believe that their kid is "special", and this...
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    Mosque at Ground Zero

    There is no "Mosque at Ground Zero". It is a community center with a floor dedicated to Muslim worship in it, and it's actually several blocks away from Ground Zero. If it was a church or a synagogue in one floor of the building, nobody would give a damn.
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    Is it harmful to teach gay youths that homosexuality is a sin?

    I think that it is unquestionably harmful to teach children that homosexuality is an abomination. An adult who is secure in their sexuality may not care about other people's scorn as much, but being shunned by their family and friends for being gay can be very depressing.
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    The (un)Ethics of Veganism

    I have to eat meat, or I become terribly ill around my... err... cycle. I wish I could be vegan, because some friends of mine are vegan and they are very healthy, but I guess that diet just isn't for me.
  6. W

    Should Denise throw the Switch?

    I would pull the lever and then slowly back away from the scene of the crime.
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    White Lies

    Tact has never been my strong point, sadly. I think I could have saved myself a world of hurt in my younger years if I just learned to tell little white lies and stop being such a blunt brat.
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    If you were a theist what would you be?

    I think I'd be a liberal Quaker. They're technically one of many Christian denominations, but they differ greatly because they believe that God exists as an internal voice of reason and inspiration, and services are not led by one authority figure, but rather by whoever feels inspired to speak...
  9. W

    Look out! It's the Wicked Witch of the West!

    Hey all, I'm an atheist here for friendly debate. I look forward to some good conversations with you all. (Are there other atheists on here too?) Sincerely, Wicked Witch