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  1. lexi

    Do innocent children go to Heaven or Hell?

    Great question Awoon. Made me smile.
  2. lexi

    How can Christianity and Judaism both exist?

    Jews do not share the Old Testament with Xtains. Jews have the Torah. There is a difference. Abrahamic religions is a term used to describe the three religions that claim origins to Abraham. I would not put Xtainity in that catagory, but most scholars do. I don't necessarily consider Xtainity...
  3. lexi

    Can anyone tell me who Jesus really was?

    Amen to that.:clap
  4. lexi

    Do gods/Gods/God/G-d

    Does that mean humans are divine
  5. lexi

    Hi from Lexi

    Thank you all. Now, what is a fruball?
  6. lexi

    Hi from Lexi

    I too am one of the boat people ;) I came from the THC boards. Like the looks of this place. Right now I'm reading the threads and getting the feel of the place. Peace, Lexi:rainbow1: