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  1. NewGuyOnTheBlock

    Classical Concert in Florida Cancelled

    There is no such thing as a "convicted pedophile". Pedophilia is an attraction. It is not something that people "do". There are such things as convicted child molesters; who may or may not be pedophile; but there is no such thing as a "convicted podophile".
  2. NewGuyOnTheBlock

    Unapologetic Over Controversial Tweets Calling Whiteness ‘Evil'

    Would you feel the same way if it was a school board member who said: "I believe that children as young as seven can give informed consent to sexual activity with an adult."? They exist, by the way. "Free Speech"; does that really mean "Hate Speech?" Does that mean "Irresponsible Speech"? Does...
  3. NewGuyOnTheBlock

    Right in front of your nose

    Ever heard of a Flat Earther? It's obvious to them that the Earth is flat. But it being obvious to them is probably a flaw in their perceptions and confirms their perception of reality, only in their own minds. How do you know this to be true? Curios. So, you subscribe to "what is and what...
  4. NewGuyOnTheBlock

    About fossils -- would you say this is true?

    Neither. The ages of the fossils and the rocks are derived from counting the isotopes present in each specimen. Thus, Kent Hovind's claim that "they date the fossils by the rocks they're in, then they date the rocks by the fossils they found" (or something like that) is patently false.
  5. NewGuyOnTheBlock

    Seeking a Path after Losing Faith

    Please accept my empathy. I was a fundamentalist, dogmatic, young earth creationist, faith healing, pentecostal fanatic in my youth. I, too, passed through various denominations of Christianity, turned to Eastern religions, then to paganism, and touched on various traditions in seeking my...
  6. NewGuyOnTheBlock

    Evolution of races

    A "gender" is not a "species".
  7. NewGuyOnTheBlock

    Thousands of Pedophiles Released from California Prisons After Less than a Year: Report

    After a few days of non-response, I take it that you have no experience, qualifications, evidence to substantiate your claim?
  8. NewGuyOnTheBlock

    Evolution of races

    Each group is the same species: The spider (don't know the specifics), the chimpanzee and the red fox. Oh, and here are the birds you mentioned, where a "different species" is cataloged for "minor variations": Budgie colors and their diversity | The Perruches So, that makes THIS statement...
  9. NewGuyOnTheBlock

    Evolution of races

    Do you realize that this is a racial slur used against offspring of one black/one white parent? You asked where the races evolved from. We have explained to you that races did not evolve. We have explained to you that genetically, the differences are so minor that they are completely...
  10. NewGuyOnTheBlock

    Evolution of races

    You're not listening. skin tone <> Race. Races don't exist. It doesn't exist in biology. It's time to let go of that notion. It does nothing but divide mankind.
  11. NewGuyOnTheBlock

    Evolution of races

    I, for one, am not talking about "political correctness". I'm talking about biology and genetics. There is no such thing as "race' in biology, therefore nothing called a "race" ever evolved.
  12. NewGuyOnTheBlock

    Evolution of races

    In biology, there is no such thing as "race". This is a social construct, not a scientific one. There was no "evolution of races"; only extremely minor genetic differences regarding small parts of the whole of humanity: The amount of melanin in the skin, hair texture, etc. In fact, there can be...
  13. NewGuyOnTheBlock

    Objective Morality Without God

    You don't understand what critical race theory is. Critical race theory has absolutely nothing to do with African history; and has everything to do with how the social and legal treatment of non-whites have oppressed them. To go all the way back to Africa and go on about the mutual enslavement...
  14. NewGuyOnTheBlock

    Thousands of Pedophiles Released from California Prisons After Less than a Year: Report

    What qualifications, experience or evidence can you present to substantiate this claim? If other sexual predilections are unchosen, what is different about pedophilia that suggests there are choices in the matter? Is it possible you are confusing pedophilia -- the attraction, with child...
  15. NewGuyOnTheBlock

    Doctor Admits That Deaths From COVID-19 Overcounted

    Even if she did make this statement, she didn't "admit" to anything because she's a columnist who isn't participating in the counting outside her little world; thus, it is a "claim" not an "admission" (at best). Link? Source? I googled to verify or to discredit, but didn't find a thing. Flat...
  16. NewGuyOnTheBlock

    Doctor Admits That Deaths From COVID-19 Overcounted

    It's always been like that; where contributing factors are listed on death certificates. It's nothing new. But since it's COVID, people are now aware, and all of a sudden, its a conspiracy. I had it. Three months after I had it, I was in the hospital for a pulmonary embolism. Damned near died...
  17. NewGuyOnTheBlock

    Thousands of Pedophiles Released from California Prisons After Less than a Year: Report

    Many pedophiles report a "Peter Pan Syndrome", I call it; where they feel they did not emotionally mature. Now, this is not MY experience, but the experience of many. They feel like children inside and have a really hard time coping with the adult world; cultivating and managing adult...
  18. NewGuyOnTheBlock

    Thousands of Pedophiles Released from California Prisons After Less than a Year: Report

    That may or may not be. What is clear is that other determining factors, such as abuse, have been ruled out. (With abuse, the cycle of abuse can be passed on generation to generation; we know this; but not necessarily the attraction being primary or exclusive). Point is, evidence is leaning very...
  19. NewGuyOnTheBlock

    Thousands of Pedophiles Released from California Prisons After Less than a Year: Report

    I appreciate not being "assaulted" -- which I expected to have happen. James Cantor @JamesCantorPhD ·Jan 10, 2022 “The evidence suggests it is inborn. It's neurological," said James Cantor, a clinical psychologist, sex researcher and former editor-in-chief of the journal "Sexual Abuse: A...
  20. NewGuyOnTheBlock

    I Think Atheists Should Have Holidays

    It is my understanding that Einstein was a Deist -- He believed that there was a "Creator God" but did not conform to any religious doctrine.