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  1. Glaurung

    Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary

    In my opinion devotion to the Blessed Virgin is one of the most beautiful aspects of the Catholic faith. I personally maintain a devotion to her as an indispensable part of my own Christian journey, as even in my current spiritual state (which at the moment is poor) I still feel a sense of...
  2. Glaurung

    Paul is a false prophet

    The Church considers his writings to be inspired. It has believed so since before the codification of the New Testament canon. It is on you to prove that the Church is mistaken, not the other way around.
  3. Glaurung

    Mother Mary, mother of Jesus

    The Mother of God and the Queen of Heaven.
  4. Glaurung

    Predestination & Divine Responsibility

    Universal salvation contradicts Catholicism but not Christianity necessarily. I have seen it claimed that universal salvation is defensible from an Eastern Orthodox perspective as some early Fathers seem to teach it. (I'll have to research that claim though). I don't think the potential for a...
  5. Glaurung

    Remembering past lives. Yes, apparently it's a thing.

    I've been aware of this phenomenon for quite a while. It's interesting that some researchers (Ian Stevenson, Jim Tucker) have supposedly found cases where a child's memories could be validated. Producing names, retelling events that are later shown to have occurred, ect. I don't know how strong...
  6. Glaurung

    Predestination & Divine Responsibility

    Christianity teaches that the unaided human will is incapable of choosing the good. All good acts require a corresponding grace supplied by God. When God created the world he decreed to supply certain individuals the grace necessary to ensure their salvation. Since God cannot fail in his designs...
  7. Glaurung

    Protestantism, Catholicism, Orthodoxism, Anglicanism

    @ChristineM Snarky one-liners that don't address what is being said are not worth my time. I'm not even claiming Christianity is true. But I have little patience for an ahistorical, anti-Christian agenda that not only rejects Christianity (which is fine) but also seeks to deny it any and all...
  8. Glaurung

    Protestantism, Catholicism, Orthodoxism, Anglicanism

    The fact is that there are churches with lineages of succession which go back as far as late antiquity. Christianity was at first an oral tradition taught by bishops who claimed to have been taught by the Apostles or their direct successors. (And yes, these early bishops wrote stuff down). These...
  9. Glaurung

    Protestantism, Catholicism, Orthodoxism, Anglicanism

    The Church predates the Bible as a canon. The Bible is only the Bible because the Church decided that certain writings were divinely inspired. You've got things the wrong way around. Catholic/Orthodox Christianity claims that Christ founded a Church, not a scripture with which to later base a...
  10. Glaurung

    Protestantism, Catholicism, Orthodoxism, Anglicanism

    That's not relevant to the question. A convert to Christianity probably accepts the falsity of all other religions. My point is that if Christianity is true then Christ founded a church. (Matthew 16:18). The only relevant question then is who has the most credible claim to being that church...
  11. Glaurung

    Protestantism, Catholicism, Orthodoxism, Anglicanism

    You're missing the point. A 16th century protest movement cannot possibly be the true religion intended by God. The premise is absurd.
  12. Glaurung

    Protestantism, Catholicism, Orthodoxism, Anglicanism

    Protestantism isn't credible unless you think Christianity was founded in the 16th century. Eastern Orthodoxy has ancient roots and maintains apostolic succession, but the Eastern Orthodox are less a unified Church and more a loose collection of squabbling national churches not all of whom are...
  13. Glaurung

    Peak Australian Islamic groups seek to whitewash religion of religiously motivated terrorism in my view

    I don't disagree. Islam is a legal system as much as it is a religion. The distinction between the "spiritual" and the "temporal" is Christian. I'm not American but I remember when people said Trump was going to inaugurate a far-right Christian theocracy when he won the presidency in 2016. It...
  14. Glaurung

    Peak Australian Islamic groups seek to whitewash religion of religiously motivated terrorism in my view

    I wouldn't go so far as to collapse any and all distinctions between the religious and the secular/political, but I accept the line is blurry and arbitrary. Islam blurs the line more than Christianity in my view due to the lack of any Sharia equivalent in Christianity.
  15. Glaurung

    Is forced labour in prisons ethical?

    I don't have an ethical issue in making inmates engage in some form of productive labour; assuming reasonable hours, good working conditions and fair-ish compensation.
  16. Glaurung

    If you had psychokinesis.Would you make the opposite gender's clothes disappear?

    If I had the power to materialize and dematerialize clothing, I would open a store.
  17. Glaurung

    Peak Australian Islamic groups seek to whitewash religion of religiously motivated terrorism in my view

    The distinction between "religious" and "ideological" is meaningless when the ideology in question is explicitly religious in its aims and doctrine. It may be an uncomfortable and inconvenient truth for Muslims (and politically correct progressives) to admit, but Islam is not merely incidental...
  18. Glaurung

    To the "KJV Onlyists" Please Read Your Preface by the Translators

    I understand the impulse behind the idea even if it's misguided. Having a single, authoritative translation makes for a rather neat and tidy state of affairs. The KJV is also beautifully composed with its thees and thous giving an almost sacred aura to the text.
  19. Glaurung

    Do those who prefer falsehood over truth deserve hell forever?

    To reject God is to cut yourself off from goodness itself since God is the supreme good. However, I question if it is possible to definitively reject God (at least in this life) because we all suffer from ignorance. You may insist that our failure to embrace Islam is a rejection of the truth but...
  20. Glaurung

    Prophecies from Luz de Maria, from jesus christ for the coming years 2024-2033

    I would advise the OP to ignore claims of private revelation, especially from obscure figures who traffic in doomsday prophesies. Private revelation is a rabbit hole of falsity and outright silliness that will add nothing to your spiritual life. To its credit, the Church usually ignores such...