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  1. ΩRôghênΩ

    Why do we need God? (no atheists please)

    If I am created by the creator, then the creator has purpose for me. purpose drives the universe, therefore every individual thing within it. Coming to realize that nothing exists without purpose, shows that purpose is needed to be found and completed. That is why i need god, so that I may find...
  2. ΩRôghênΩ

    Devil Worship

    I have been off for a while, and will continue to stay off and may never come back, but before I leave I would like to leave a message showing that Devil Worship, is not a Christian lie, that there are accounts of Devil Worship, as well as Religious organizations based on them. There are...
  3. ΩRôghênΩ

    I'm new here

    hello, i find your religion very interesting. hope to speak with yoou some time
  4. ΩRôghênΩ

    Hump dogs

    yeah, my dog tries to do that to me all the time :(
  5. ΩRôghênΩ

    A religion of Tolerance ?

    All we can do is pray for them, and help them as many ways as possible
  6. ΩRôghênΩ

    A religion of Tolerance ?

    All we can do is pray for them, and help them as many ways as possible
  7. ΩRôghênΩ

    A religion of Tolerance ?

    In Pakistan...No
  8. ΩRôghênΩ


    Ive tried. Im sure others can various ways, usually takes a lot of concentration Im not exactly sure what an etheric field is, so i really dont know sorry Depends on the color of the aura It usually appears as a smokey coloring or glow around a person, eyt i think its more mental than anything
  9. ΩRôghênΩ

    Avert World War Three By Speaking The Same Language ...

    Maybe so, yet i forbid the use of nuclear weapons even if used against us. when the US uses them, everyone else will look at us and say, "hey look, the US used em, so we can too!" then we get the nuclear winter everyones talking about (maybe im going a little to far)
  10. ΩRôghênΩ


    I morally think it is wrong to have sex without love in your heart, which is why marriage is needed to confirm that love (to me marriage isnt a ceremony, but a man and woman cmmiting themselves to one another in relationship of live and respect, though a ritual is optional). Also, I see nothing...
  11. ΩRôghênΩ

    Profession of faith.....

    Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. the king of light forever. Deus Lumen Aeturnus. The one who loves all things, may he be seen from the beggining of time, until the end, and beyond into the heart of eternity and the spirit of divine trinity
  12. ΩRôghênΩ


    My faith has been really damaged. i would really like somone to come up with data showing that this statement is false, or it might basically destroy my faith. like, was this man psychotic this was stated by an church father: Many things have been inserted by our ancestors in the speeches of...
  13. ΩRôghênΩ

    Christians only: Did Christ found a religion...

    Christianity is just a continuation of Messianic Judaism. Cgrist came to fullfill prophecy in Judaism
  14. ΩRôghênΩ

    Do your religious inclinations isolate you?

    my religion isolates me because for one thing, i dont find other 14 yr olds who can understand the inner light of god, quantum physics, mysticism, philosophy, or religion in general. also, even adults dont understand it. its a hard battle being different and misunderstood, and at the same time...
  15. ΩRôghênΩ

    What do you hate about your religion or the scriptures in your religion?

    that it is so misunderstood, because of its diversity. that i have a unique branch of it that no one understand but me on my age level. its christian mystical Aetherianism, and it sucks because no one gets it. i also dont like how many false christians there, and how many say they are christians...
  16. ΩRôghênΩ


    Peace be with you