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  1. SK2005

    Hello Dolly!

    I LOVE going to the Spokane Opera House!!! I probably couldn't count how many times I've been there. Luckily, for school, we often got to see many musicals as well as orchestras. Also, I've been there on my own, with family and/or friends.
  2. SK2005

    Hello Dolly!

    I have been doing live theater with the community for about 5 years now and want to continue but I had to take this summer off to get a 'real' job. (or just one that pays more money ;)) Our theatre does traditional melodramas with the villan, hero, and the others with much audience...
  3. SK2005

    Welcome the New Moderators!

    yay!!! Congratulations!
  4. SK2005

    Jewish Superheroes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg!!!

    hahahahahaha :D
  5. SK2005

    Why do people do this?

    I often run into people telling me to go to hell even though I am Christian. When I have conversations with people about spirituality I tell them what I think, feel, and believe. There are times when I want to give them a quote of show them a good reading, but I (unlike some bible quoters)...
  6. SK2005

    Reveal your fears!

    My fears include car crashes, failure, and people yelling at me. :D
  7. SK2005

    hey all

    Welcome!!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy!
  8. SK2005

    Spell out your name in Song titles!

    s-smooth criminal-Michael Jackson u-uptown girl-Billy Joel s-sad professor-REM a-ain't nobody but me-Supertramp n-number one-Styx much better than thinking of songs with 2,0,0, and 5...:D I could probably do it though.
  9. SK2005

    Roman Catholics: The DaVinci Code

    I am half way through the book and saw the movie last night. I thought that it was very well done. Fiction, but a great story. If the people who are inclined to believe it are being even more niave and ignorant than they already are. All of us Roman Catholics know it's not true as well as...
  10. SK2005

    Your ethnic background

    That's right!!! :D hahahaha
  11. SK2005

    Your ethnic background

    Well, I'm not quite sure....LOL!!! :D
  12. SK2005

    Ouch! What do you think? Is this something you would do?

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! No way!!! OUCH!!!
  13. SK2005

    Your ethnic background

    1/4 Polish, 1/4 English, 1/16 Cherokee Indian, 1/16 Austrian, 1/16 German, and 1/16 French.
  14. SK2005

    Proud of my humility!

    Welcome and enjoy!!!! :D
  15. SK2005


    I read an article about this yesterday and thought I'd check it out on the web. http://www.tomleehealth.com/eph200/ What do you guys think about this new dietary pill?
  16. SK2005

    Hi Everybody!!!!

    Welcome to our humble abode! Hope you enjoy!
  17. SK2005

    I am....depressed.

    And I really don't know what to do about it. I live with my grandma (who doesn't have a short term memory), they only friends I have here are both in Germany, I have a friend problem that most of you witnessed in the Friends Forever??? Thread. I just work and sleep, work and sleep. I work mostly...
  18. SK2005

    Does Your Name Reveal Your Sexual Identity?

    I suppose that mine is true.
  19. SK2005

    New here...

    Hello and welcome!!!!!
  20. SK2005

    Catholicism and Marriage

    Yay for those answers!!! As for the age...most priests (that I know) prefer at least 18.