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Search results

  1. darkpenguin


    I want season 6, the trailer looks awesome, damn writers for striking :( hmph
  2. darkpenguin


    Ok seriously what have they done to season 2 of heroes??? :(
  3. darkpenguin

    Chest pains and panic attacks - it's all good, honest!

    Well all these months later and I went to the docs for something none related and asked if they had my results yet... Turns out my doc neglected to inform me that there's nothing wrong with me apparently and they've known for months... Nice huh? So I'm still left with this really nagging pain...
  4. darkpenguin

    Guess who's back, back again?

    Not sure, has to be quite a few though, I've seen 3 at least.
  5. darkpenguin

    Guess who's back, back again?

    Thanks for all your kind words, to be honest I'm finding it hard to get back into the swing of things here. Guess I'll find my feet again at some point though :) Thank you all again, even Don Penguinoni my young penguin padawan :)
  6. darkpenguin

    Guess who's back, back again?

    Hey all. Just thought I'd announce my comeback, not sure what problem was at who's end but I've not been able to access the site for months but am very very happy to return. I've missed everyone and am really hyped to be back. Looking forward to discussing one of my favorite subjects again and I...
  7. darkpenguin

    Furhter Proof that Angellous is NOT your daddy

    Well I still wanna be everyones granddaddy lol
  8. darkpenguin

    Furhter Proof that Angellous is NOT your daddy

    Well seeing as everyone is arguing over who's who's daddy I'm going to claim myself to be everyones Granddaddy Woooo :D
  9. darkpenguin

    I have a job

    Not the case in this country my friend where we are governed more-so by the European human rights laws then our own which make make ex-convicts lives alot easier once they leave prison. And besides, like I said, these criminals leave their rights to a decent life behind the second they commit...
  10. darkpenguin

    I have a job

    Well it's day 4 now and I'm still enjoying it, the people are great and the job is easy as far as jobs go. Basically it's order picking from sheets and putting said picked items into a box ready for the packers, yes it's boring but as I said, the people are great and I just keep my head down and...
  11. darkpenguin

    I have a job

    Thank you for your kindness it's appreciated, it's not a great job but it sounds like an interesting one. I'll be working in a warehouse where they pick, pack and deliver packages to inmates in prisons in the northwest of England. They pack all sorts ranging from tobacco to sugar etc. I went for...
  12. darkpenguin

    I have a job

    :D Finally after nearly 2 years of being unemployed I have a job and start on Monday. The wage isn't great but I don't care, it's still a job. I'll let ya'll know how it goes on my first day. Really really can't wait to be able to have that Friday feeling, I've missed it for so long lol.
  13. darkpenguin

    question for disbelievers

    I have logic, science and common sense therefor I have no need for a God to persuade me to be a good person
  14. darkpenguin

    Why do Brits have such an inferiority complex with the U.S.?

    mmmm... Black pudding :drool: On a side note, we could limit ourselves to mcdonalds and burger king etc, we choose not too though:p
  15. darkpenguin

    New Thread!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah what is this thread about exactly? I'm half tempted to run around naked throwing snowballs at everybody just for the fun of it :D
  16. darkpenguin

    Come one; come all!

    It was indeed my friend and it's a huge shame. These past 2 days if not longer have been very darks ones for RF *sigh*.
  17. darkpenguin

    The Game

    Grr you just made me loose, I've not thought about the game for months and now I'm off to text my mate who's also playing the game because I want to make him loose lol.
  18. darkpenguin

    The Rapture a Glorious Event

    But isn't that the whole point of a discussion board/forum, to discuss and debate what you and other are saying. It would make for a more interesting thread and people would be more likely to respond and maybe even listen to you... But hey thats just my 2 cents... So she was right then, the...
  19. darkpenguin

    9/11 Remembered

    I was at college at the time and was 18, I heard bits and pieces while I was on site but it wasn't until I got home and saw the footage on pretty much every channel. It just seemed so surreal to me, almost like a movie in a way and didn't really sink in until a few days later that it was real...
  20. darkpenguin

    What other forums do you frequent regularly?

    I've recently become addicted to a new forum for rock music Mr Deej Radio It's pretty cool if you like rock music and it has it's own dj so you can listen to music while posting.