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  1. Gezellig

    Humility in Relegion

    Jesus said of himself: "I am meek and lowly in heart" (Matthew 11:29). These are not empty words. Confirmation of this is recorded in the four Gospels. Jesus was born a perfect man. Before his appearance on earth, he spent a huge number of years with his Father in the heavenly sphere. However...
  2. Gezellig

    Can you Unravel the Mystery?

    This cannot be the Babylonian Empire, which was destroyed much earlier than the end of the 1st century, when John made these records. Most likely, the evil deeds that were committed in this empire are associated with the name of Babylon. It also cannot be a state. The text goes on to show that...
  3. Gezellig

    Is it possible to see God's 'face'?

    It's easier for us people to understand this way.
  4. Gezellig

    If God had no beginning what was before God?

    If this question is rephrased, it could sound like this: "If God is immortal, then what will happen after his death?" :)
  5. Gezellig

    Many different religious opinions

    Why can't believers come to a consensus, as you said. Unlike scientists, believers have a powerful opposition in the person of Satan, who does not want people to know the truth. There is only one truth. Satan is described as "leading the whole universe astray" (Revelation 12:9).
  6. Gezellig

    Many different religious opinions

    The fact that scientists come to a consensus in this way is said to be true. As well as the fact that science explores the physical world. Scientists use data, research results. A believer (in this case, trying to understand, and not taking everything on faith) can research (study the Bible) and...
  7. Gezellig

    The Last Enemy

    Balthazar is it from here? "The last enemy will be destroyed — death" (1 Corinthians 15:26). If so, then verse 28 goes on to say "that God may be all in all." Other poems in this place can be read, they say a lot.
  8. Gezellig

    Why is this world out of control?

    If you look further into Revelation chapter 12, then verse 13 says: "Woe to the earth and the sea! The Devil has come down to you, full of great wrath, knowing that his time is running out." What will happen to him after his time expires is described in chapter 20 of the book of Revelation...
  9. Gezellig

    Why is this world out of control?

    Sodom and Gomorrah is a historical practice. Now some Governments at the international level support homosexuality practiced in these cities.
  10. Gezellig

    Does God Make Mistakes?

    If we assume that God created everything and supports it with His power and wisdom, then no. Theories of the random appearance of the Universe (the Big Bang or something similar) in my opinion, on the contrary, work against themselves. Because randomness is a relative of error. Is it possible...
  11. Gezellig

    Revelation 14:13

    The verse from Revelation is better suited to understanding the verse from Ecclesiastes 7:1 (or vice versa), where it says that the day of death is better than the day of birth. Revelation 14:13 says that "happy are the dead who die in the Lord ..." Death for a person is a moment in his life...
  12. Gezellig


    After they killed Jesus? "I know that you are descendants of Abraham, and yet you want to kill me - my word has not entered you. I tell you what I have seen from my Father, and you do what you have heard from your father" (John 8:38). Further, in verse 44, Jesus explicitly says who the father of...
  13. Gezellig

    Are the scriptures a manual or a guideline?

    It is better to learn from the mistakes of others than from your own. There are many different stories in the Bible. In fact, this is a book of life, which describes, among other things, the mistakes of other people on which you can learn.
  14. Gezellig

    How Do You Believe You bring/make Heaven on Earth.

    Jesus said that his followers should also pray for the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth (Matthew 6:9-13). The kingdom of God, the will of God is the main thing that Jesus said and explained. For Jews familiar with the Scriptures, this was not unfamiliar. If you look at only one 36th chapter...
  15. Gezellig

    Whom will Jews accept?

    Yes, the Jews are waiting for the Messiah. They even killed Jesus, whom they did not consider the Messiah. Although even Pontius Pilate did not find any fault in him. "And Pilate, when he had called together the chief priests and the rulers and the people, 14 Said unto them, Ye have brought...
  16. Gezellig

    What do you make of this?

    Who "summoned" Samuel from Sheol? A woman engaged in spiritualism. Who do those who practice spiritualism serve? God or Satan? These people deserved to die according to the law of Moses. Because Saul turned to a fortune teller, God completely turned away from him. Therefore, is it possible to...
  17. Gezellig

    Jews and Jesus

    I consider the Gospels and the Bible to be the main primary source. And what the Jews think ... - it's their own business. People's opinions change so often.
  18. Gezellig

    What God expects of us-alternate perspective

    There is a time for everything and a time for every work under heaven" (Ecclesiastes 3:1). When is the time for this work? Who decides? The one who is higher decides. Is it written in vain: "Behind the word of the king is power; no one will say to him: "What are you doing?" (Ecclesiastes 8:4)...
  19. Gezellig

    Jews and Jesus

    When John the Baptist began his ministry, the Jews were waiting for the Anointed One. They asked John if he was the Anointed One. This is recorded in Luke 3:15-17. His disciples, like the rest of the Jews, hoped that Jesus would free them from the power of Rome. Later they realized that he...
  20. Gezellig

    Why do Jehovah's Witnesses change the meaning of John 10:17-18?From the kings james one?

    Jesus was alive in spirit form when he died. Alive or dead? Let's say he somehow stayed alive, even though he died. Sorry, I do not know how to describe this situation in other words. The question arises - why does he not tell anything about these days, when his physical body died, what he was...