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  1. MJ Bailey

    Theistic evolution as part of a possible simulation with a non-obvious intelligent force

    I honestly did not read all of the posts, however I strongly disagree. Just like energy, knowledge (logic) is continuum: therefore changing form however consistent.
  2. MJ Bailey

    First time posting a thread, so go easy on me✌️

    Lots of studying, research and reading.
  3. MJ Bailey

    First time posting a thread, so go easy on me✌️

    :)Hello. Welcome to RF. This is my second membership here, so I am not a beginner, however am quite choosey. Being raised of a Christian faith I have seen many different variations on the topic. Personally I believe that (complete) evolution occurs in several micro organisms such as bacteria and...
  4. MJ Bailey

    If God is all powerful.Why did Jesus have to die for us?Couldn't God made it different?Being all poweful?

    How I see it, we as humans being self absorbed at times needed a harsh lesson. God is loving and Omnipotent. When we humans receive certain gifts and abuse them, He always wins
  5. MJ Bailey

    The Random, Meaningless Announcements Thread 3!

    Problematic is only not appropriately posting:eek:. After all no news unless faked:blush:
  6. MJ Bailey

    The Question Islam and Christianity Can't Answer

    Simplistic id. Angel or demon you be? Why is it that the one who asks a question is the supposed to have all of the answers? see the conundrum?
  7. MJ Bailey

    The last post is the WINNER!

    Wine and a very sharp cheddar cheese is really good as well.
  8. MJ Bailey


    Personally I think when it comes down to it is that if you allot a specific amount of time each week in dedication to the Lord this could be placatable. I think sometimes people forget that having a relationship with God is just as personal as any other relationship we have, just way more...
  9. MJ Bailey

    Evolution of what?

  10. MJ Bailey


    I really enjoyed reading your post. I have talked to people from certain religions who say the reason for Sunday being considered a day of reverence is due to the Lord after creating the earth rested on the seventh day. I questioned why not Saturday instead of Sunday (which of course there are...
  11. MJ Bailey

    Cheat codes

    Personally have no problem with cheat codes for computer games. However when you are competing with other individuals at a game and use cheat codes...??? Why even bother playing the game if you can not even be honest enough to know how good at the game you are or not?
  12. MJ Bailey

    The last post is the WINNER!

  13. MJ Bailey

    Whatever else might be argued, this much is true: ...

    Forgive me if this was already pointed out, however if people would try to find likenesses with their enemies and build from there, instead of always seeking the differences, I personally agree it would be a better World to live in.
  14. MJ Bailey

    There is no evidence for God, so why do you believe?

    One of my favorite things about physics is the existence of singularities. Mybe that's why I believeo_O;)
  15. MJ Bailey

    Prophecy: Fact or Fiction?

    I apologize to those of you who have taken offence for me asking a simple question of opinion. I just hope the side of you in which hides behind a screen is not shown or acted towards those in your immediate lives. God bless, stay safe and don't know about you but I have taken no offense. After...
  16. MJ Bailey

    Prophecy: Fact or Fiction?

    :)I thought that was what you meant. I did not want to assume. Exactly!!! Wouldn't it be nice if we could measure statistical probabilities in every action? You know if you hold a book three feet off the ground and drop it, it will hit the ground. However, if you have a funnel and drop a seed in...
  17. MJ Bailey

    Prophecy: Fact or Fiction?

    I get the gist but can you explain more of what you mean?
  18. MJ Bailey

    Prophecy: Fact or Fiction?

    Such as subatomic particles. There has been a release of information on time travel in which using the entanglement theory a past outcome can be changed 25% of the time. There have been theoretical speculations in which time is seen as a constant therefore allowing the manipulation of it. If...
  19. MJ Bailey

    Prophecy: Fact or Fiction?

    People win lotteries and bet on right things all the time. Knowing that this will in fact occur before placing a bet is prophetic. Guessing is not. If every person that gambled and won did it every time I would guess there would be a heck of a lot less people gambling because the same people...