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  1. Hildeburh

    Who is your favorite god or goddess and why?

    You worship four gods? Mother Earth is a goddess and who is the goddess Mother Ear (Earth)? Father Nothing? What mythology does that come from, creation stories differ greatly depending on culture and mythology? Sol is a specific Roman deity (Romans had two representations Sol = Invictus and...
  2. Hildeburh

    [Magic DIR] Psychic Witch

    I'm not sure what you determine is magic or not, but when I worship, offer and /or formulate chants/charms to ask for assistance/influence the force I tap into depends upon the what I am seeking. If it's family related I will petition my ancestors, if it is my local environment I will petition...
  3. Hildeburh

    Interacting with gods and spirits - Assumptions we make

    If you read mythology, old texts and archeology reciprocity and respect has always been how humans interacted with gods/esses, spirits and ancestors. You offer to build a reciprical relationship, you offer to show respect and/or you offer to avoid unintended consequences or avert harm. Where...
  4. Hildeburh

    Commercialization of Paganism

    Most of us live in capitalist societies, it is the nature of the beast to monetise everything, as the old adage states, "buyer beware". My earlist experience was Ralph Blums, The Book of Runes and rune set in 1982, it included a blank rune. Brahahaha a blank rune, a contradiction in terms.
  5. Hildeburh

    how do you worship and why?

    Really? Then you adhere to the scientific method so we would all like to see your paper on how you objectively formulated your hypothesis, tested your hypothesis by formulating your experiment and analyzed your results. Science does not worship nature pagans do.
  6. Hildeburh

    Asking the gods if they accept me

    How so? And what runes are you using? Elder Futhark, Younger Futhark or Futhorc?
  7. Hildeburh

    Friday the 13th - A lucky day for pagans.

    One assume pagan = non abrahamic. As Friday 13th is considered to be unlucky due to Christian lore I can't see how it relates to pagans. I did see post #2 which relates to the number 13 not to Friday the 13th plus also according to Snorri Frigga didn't have any bynames but it is believed he may...
  8. Hildeburh

    Asking the gods if they accept me

    If it's acceptance from Set or Apollo or Fortuna you want, wouldn't it be more desirable to them that you learned a more culturally appropriate form of divination? It would at least show the gods that you are interested in acknowledging there history, mythos and heritage.
  9. Hildeburh

    Friday the 13th - A lucky day for pagans.

    No, it's a non event for pagans. How could it be related to paganism? Pagans didn't follow the Julian or Gregorian calendar so how could a random date in a Christian calendar impact our lore?
  10. Hildeburh

    So it begins...

    I occasionally still fall for neopagan books, titles and blurb sound good but they rarely deliver. Read mytholgy in your chosen area of interest before investing in expensive books. Mythology, blogs, websites and some of the classic neopagan literature is freely available online.
  11. Hildeburh

    how do you worship and why?

    Celebration ofthe Solstice varies widely between pagans.. Is your path associated with any particular gods/esses or mythology?
  12. Hildeburh

    Best Myth Books?

    Go to the sources: Norse Prose Edda Poetic Edda The Sagas Gesta Danorum Íslendingabók Heimskringla Adam of Breman Ibn Fablan Place-names Archeology Anglo-Saxon all resources for AS mythology and history: https://sourcebooks.fordham.edu/sbook1ff.asp Also place-name evidence and archeology...
  13. Hildeburh

    Appeasing the gods

    Interesting. I also have a parasomnia, mine is related to sleep paralysis. I am in a waking state but paralysed I feel a presence and a weight on my chest trying to suffocate me, it's terrifying. In pre-Christian old English this entity was referred to as the mære, which is the origin of the...
  14. Hildeburh

    Where Have All the Pagans Gone?

    Yes, yes and yes.
  15. Hildeburh

    The gods and domains

    Yes, if your aware then you understand why I chose the word modern. The modern= the period of human history that post dates the Middle Ages, which ended around 1500 CE By who?
  16. Hildeburh

    The gods and domains

    I am an Anglo-Saxon polytheist, like Callisto I revere the entire pantheon, however I do not have or feel the necessity to form a relationship with most of them. It's hard to determine who chooses who but I revere my local wights, Еогþe, Sunne, Mona.and I utilise Anglo-Saxon magic. The domains...
  17. Hildeburh

    The gods and domains

    There are many deities in polytheism. The Green Man can be seen as a modern archetypal nature deity but it is a modern term rather than an older deity or folkloric figure. Like you I also revere nature, love gardening and feel a spiritual connection when I am outdoors. I don't see too much...
  18. Hildeburh

    Oldest reference to Norse god Odin found in Danish treasure

    The bracteate is an exciting find by an amateur detectorist. Makes you wonder what else is out there. https://the-past.com/news/oldest-odin-inscription-identified/ In England a number of brooches, dated to the 5th-6th CE depict a male faces with one vertical and one horizontal eye, these...
  19. Hildeburh

    Dark entities

    If you read mythology you will find many gods/goddesses can be characterized as deceitful.