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Search results

  1. Seraphiel

    Cigarette Cancer Hoax: Global liberal conspiracy or fairy tale for stupid people?

    I work with lung-cancer patients every day and 95% of them have smoked and some of them continue smoking. So yeah.... you are absolutely right that smoking does not increase the risk of cancer. It is just that 95% of the population in my country is smoking. Wow if 95% of the population in my...
  2. Seraphiel

    Global Warming: Fact or Farce

    It doesn't really matter if global warming is real or not real. If it is real, then there is nothing going to be done about it, because most people in the world will not give up their livestyles and politicians don't want to get unpopular with laying up all kinds of restrictions on companies...
  3. Seraphiel

    Christians: Naked Before God?

    There are Christian nudists, Muslim nudist, Budhist nudist. Even I'm a nudist when I take a shower and when I go to bed. And people are even born nudist. I see naked people every day on my work, because I can't treat them with their clothes on. If they say God encourages nudity, then they are...
  4. Seraphiel

    So,I was thinking....

    I love your thoughts. Keep them coming.
  5. Seraphiel

    Organized religion = evil.

    Though I would not go so far as to hate religion. But I think the man has a point here. A lot of misery in the world was and is directly or indirectly connected to organized religion. Or at least abuse of power by people who stand at the top of such organizations. That's also the main reason...
  6. Seraphiel

    Name god in 10 words or less

    two words: energy life
  7. Seraphiel

    Saved by Faith alone Christians: The Rapture will occur when?

    The only thing that raptures when reading these rapture posts is my positive mood. There are better things to discuss then raptures.
  8. Seraphiel

    Restoration of all things??

    It is inevidable that people (in this case Jesus) die and go to the other side. And when the time is ripe they may choose to reincarnate and return. As this is happening from the beginning of time.
  9. Seraphiel

    Why People Are Scared of us

    Oh well. I'm sure sometime someone is going to say that killing is okay because it says so in the bible. Making war and arguing about your religion is useless. Both Islam an Christianity are religions that are interpreted false several times. I guess that for now you can't take people that take...
  10. Seraphiel

    Even a moral person will go to Hell.

    Papersock: Remember.... It is a movie
  11. Seraphiel

    Christians: What is God?

    God = The energy of life.
  12. Seraphiel

    Is Islam a religion? What defines a religion?

    Take some historical facts and try to interpret some wrong translated ancient texts add some mythology and some fantasy. Bundle all that 'knowledge' in a book and let a charismatic person tell other people that that book holds the truth and nothing but the truth. Add some brainwashing over a...
  13. Seraphiel

    Bush is *trying* to take Hamas down !!!

    I guess that now-adays everybody that the US doesn't like is a terrorist. You remember? "If you are not with us, you are against us!" I never heard a president say such dumb things. I was laughing my pants of when I heard the sentence. I sure hope the US government doesn't represent the majority...
  14. Seraphiel

    Prophet Muhammad Last Public Appearance

    I like that one. I wished it would be practiced to.
  15. Seraphiel


    Well. I can't read or write it. But I'm very good at talking rubbish. :foot: sorry :foot:
  16. Seraphiel

    This is known as Western 'Democracy'

    Both the US and the EU aren't real democracies so I don't quiet understand the fuzz why they want to spread democracy over the world whilest their own governemnt is corrupted to the core.
  17. Seraphiel

    Fantastic Four

    I prefer my movies to be more of this world. But I've seen the first one and have to say that it was fun and entertaining.
  18. Seraphiel

    most expensive pirate bling ever?

    I think it is an amazing piece of artwork. It is that it doesn't fit in my house or else I would have bought it. bling...bling...
  19. Seraphiel

    Is the United States a Real Country?

    . Why? Because the US is the US?
  20. Seraphiel

    Something I need to know

    There you have the problem with religion in general, the biggest parts are made up.