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Search results

  1. Kimberlee

    Debate on Abortion.

    I'm not God so i don't have the right to judge the women who make this choice and it is our God givin right to choose. i don't know every womans situation so it would be foolish of me to say that option shouldn't exist.
  2. Kimberlee

    What are you playing?

    just started playing world of warcraft
  3. Kimberlee

    If You Could Travel Back In Time

    well first i would have just kept on going to college instead of dropping out cause i was prego. i coulda been done by now.
  4. Kimberlee

    Post your pic!

    we just got pics taken the other day. thought i would share
  5. Kimberlee

    United Church of God

    you don't have to say sorry... i was just wondering if it was similar.... because i know messianic that have went to the service...
  6. Kimberlee

    United Church of God

    ok so i'm a christian that believes in keeping the sabbath and food laws..... i most identify with the united church of God as far as christian denominations go. do any of you think that is close to messianic judaism? they keep the feast days also. just wondering if it's basically the same thing...
  7. Kimberlee

    So, what does everyone do?

    i'm a full time student majoring in nursing and full time mom.... the best job in the world!
  8. Kimberlee

    need some suggestions...

    my cousin is a year and a half old and has cerebral palsy. he is underweight and we have been trying everything to get him to gain some weight. he has been 14 lbs the last couple of dr apts. he is 2 weeks older than my daughter and she is like 24 lbs. anyways i know it has a lot to do with...
  9. Kimberlee

    Question about Noah

    no it's not that..... i just feel like i'm sayin the same thing over and over.... and you guys are too so i don't feel the need or want to continue. there are some people that are just disrespectful and i don't deserve that. nobody does. and no not you darkendless you had good points. it's not...
  10. Kimberlee

    keep the sabbath?

    yeah i def know what you mean. we aren't perfect but at least we are trying right? and will try harder.
  11. Kimberlee

    keep the sabbath?

    oh yeah we have been studying the ten commandments. def find the ten commandments very important. yep i pray in jesus's name and no i don't pray through saints. we don't believe in having pictures of jesus and some people in the church don't even believe in having the cross displayed because we...
  12. Kimberlee

    Death metal...

    so as some of you know i'm goin thru this whole thing with my music and how the lyrics are about gore and satan so on and so forth ya know. anyways i loved it for so long and promoted it for years so i couldn't just give the music up completely because i'm trying to be a better christian so i...
  13. Kimberlee

    keep the sabbath?

    ummm i keep the sabbath and i keep the food laws because i believe they were established before the levitical law and i don't believe they were ever done away with in the NT. like separating the clean and unclean animals on the ark. it was apparently established at least by then. and i believe...
  14. Kimberlee

    keep the sabbath?

    yes jesus kept the sabbath.... the NT talks of the sabbath a lot. Mark 1:21 [ Jesus Drives Out an Evil Spirit ] They went to Capernaum, and when the Sabbath came, Jesus went into the synagogue and began to teach. so here he apparently went to the synagogue on the sabbath so i imagine he kept it.
  15. Kimberlee

    keep the sabbath?

    i'm comfortable with it too. ummm so do you think the sabbath was just for the jews? that's probably a stupid question just wondering cause even though i'm a christian i've been convicted to keep the sabbath. i'm fixen to study the feast days too because i haven't gotten into that yet but i'm...
  16. Kimberlee

    keep the sabbath?

    because God just said the seventh day and tuesday is not the seventh day saturday is. look at the calender. he didnt call it saturday because we gave the name saturday not God. but we gave that name to the seventh day and the seventh day is suppose to be kept holy. i'm not looking for debate was...
  17. Kimberlee

    Question about Noah

    no, most of science does work and is proven but i'm just saying... that not all of it does. not for me. maybe for you which is fine but not for me. i'm not saying that all of it doesn't work. i was just pointing out that people think it's so strange to believe in a God... well i think it's...
  18. Kimberlee

    keep the sabbath?

    anyone that keeps the sabbath. oh and the seventh day saturday..... i'm a christian and believe in keeping the sabbath. it was established in the beginning that the seventh day was ment for rest so i think it applies to everyone. Genesis 2:3 And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified...
  19. Kimberlee

    What's hell's Purpose?

    God does ultimately win.... so i guess he doesn't have to change the rules. humans messed up in the beginning so they choose to go against Gods word and God gives humans the free will to live how they want so he lets people follow him who want to follow him which leads to a battle between God...
  20. Kimberlee

    What's hell's Purpose?

    people choose how they live. people put themselves there by their own actions. you have a choice rather to follow God or not. plus satan REBELLED against God and a third of the angels followed him and he is trying to turn people away from God. so it is your choice as a human rather you rather...