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  1. fromthe heart

    New Airline codes?

  2. fromthe heart

    Good-bye to ALL my friends!

    I would like to thank everyone who has emailed me...please forgive me that it took so long to answer all of them...never knew I was that cared about...and for those of you who said you were going to leave if I stay gone...please don't do this because of what happened to me...it was my own fault...
  3. fromthe heart

    Good-bye to ALL my friends!

    Space cleared my friend...It was something else I neglected to do.:p
  4. fromthe heart

    Good-bye to ALL my friends!

    Thank you for your kind sentiments.
  5. fromthe heart

    Good-bye to ALL my friends!

    Since I've neglected my duties here I'm leaving as a member of this forum and resigning as a Mod...was placed as Moderator on Sabbatical...after much discussion I learned from Maize it was my own fault...so I wish you all well....hope all here find what it is you are looking for in this...
  6. fromthe heart

    why was the tree in the garden?

    One mention to Lucifer is in Isaiah 14:12 on...if you'd like I could look up the rest of the verses...but seeing that I'm leaving this forum I guess it won't much matter. You don't have to believe any of what I say...I speak from my own personal beliefs and will only believe what is in the Bible...
  7. fromthe heart

    why was the tree in the garden?

    Certianly...it's in the Bible.
  8. fromthe heart


    Welcome to the forums.
  9. fromthe heart

    why was the tree in the garden?

    My personal feelings are that God wanted man/woman to obey by free will. If they hadn't ever touched that tree we would have lacked the knowledge of good and evil and would have lived on for all time...in peace walking and talking with God...but since they(Adam and Eve) disobeyed we are all now...
  10. fromthe heart

    Proof positive of global warming............

    Only one step to go till we're overwarm:D
  11. fromthe heart

    What would Jefferson and Adams do? A uuworld article

    Not sure what they might do but for sure they may say..."What have you all done?" or perhaps "Gosh, we didn't think of that":)
  12. fromthe heart

    A Christian persective of God and Country

    Maize Of course. It portrays your religion in a positive light, so of course you're going to agree with it and see nothing wrong with it. The rest of us have a different point of view of such propaganda. And that's as it should be..we are not all of one mind. Yes they did; Life, Liberty and...
  13. fromthe heart

    Would Fewer Religions Be A Good Thing?

    Sunstone Will globalization lead to fewer and fewer religions? It seems that it might. Globalization has allowed the three main proselytizing religions (Christianity, Islam and Buddhism) to spread word wide and grow at sometimes very rapid rates. If it does it serves as an injustice to...
  14. fromthe heart

    Is Baptism Necessary If You Believe in The Bible?

    You will not go to hell for the lack of baptism...baptism is an outward sign of an inward commitment in your life...I believe that once you have received salvation you should be baptised because it shows obedience to God as stated in the Bible.:)
  15. fromthe heart


    Perspnally I believe that our time on earth is a time of making choices for going beyond this life into our eternity. Our souls/spirits destiny is determined by our earthly choices...we choose to go to paradise or we choose to go to torment...once we die though our spirit has no more choice...we...
  16. fromthe heart

    If you are religious.

    Exactly and then some. We know that there are all sorts of supernatural spirits good and evil; also there are angels..any Christain will tell you yes to this because there are things we acept as there;whether we dwell into them is another story!:)
  17. fromthe heart

    A Christian persective of God and Country

    Maize I beg to differ, that's exactly the idea that movie was designed to portray.I would say that all views such as this come from personal mindsets and you can see it either way. Me too. And I'm not a Christian. I fully agree that a person doesn't have to be religious (as in Christain) to be...
  18. fromthe heart

    Who is a Christian? (Poll)

    I agree...You can walk like a Christian, talk like a Christian...but your works (behavior) alone won't make you a Christian..you must confess with your mouth your sins and that Christ lived and died for you, accept Christ into your heart as Savior from your sins and believe in your heart OR you...
  19. fromthe heart

    A Christian persective of God and Country

    Never intended it to be taken that way at all...go figure!!! As for the rest of the comments...I'm patriotic and I'm proud of some of our forefathers knowledge on religious issues...so what is wrong with that??? If you don't like it big deal...(if you do well ok)...get a clue! Don't make...
  20. fromthe heart

    A Christian persective of God and Country

    Gee...unbelievable!!! :cover: