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  • I accept. I'm happy to be a friend. I tried to post this podcast, at http://tinyurl.com/5ggmcm, earlier, but was unable to because I didn't have the required number of posts in. I hope this rule doesn't apply here. May be you can post it for debate.
    hello zenzero, just to let you know that it wasnt my post that you replied to about mentally handicapped and no mind... i enjoyed your reply to my post about mind to understand knowledge, that it mind is just the door to no mind. this makes sense to me, that you must transcend the illusions to know god?
    Thank you zenzero, but please, call me Frank. I am 66 years old, only one 6 off being the beast, I live in Noth Queensland Australia. In my earlier life while foolishly searching for the answers to the mystery and meaning to life in the many christian denominations and being ostracised by each body of belief, because of my refusal to accept that the Son of Man existed before the body in which he developed, which bodies of belief are in reality, only the spiritual daughters spawned from the spirit=teachings of the universal church, who refuse to accept the Bible as truth and refuse to acknowledge that Jesus came as a human being.

    Realising, that my head had been filled with nothing but rubbish, I emptied myself of all the preconceived ideas of God that been formed from the diet that I was being fed by the mother churh and her daughters, which I might add was the hardest part, then As a hungry child with an open and receptive mind, I went to the word of God as a litte child and allowed the spirit of 'Who I Am,' to formulated the new conceptions that I now hold. And there you go, that's a brief outline of the one that you are talking with. I hope to encounter you more often as I wander through this sight, see you later old mate and my best regards, Frank.
    In the book of Acts, Sha'ul/Paul got letters from rhe High Priest authorizing him to arrest and bring back to Jerusalem any "People of the Way".
    Later when Sha'ul became a member of the Way and himself arrested and taken before Felix they had a conversation about the Way.
    Yeshua/Jesus said "I am the way,"
    Today some call it "Messianic Judaism" Sha'ul called it a "sect of the Jews."

    Does that help?

    Shalom, ronald
    Very profound view zenzero it is nice to meet other enlighten people a reason why I joined the forums. I believe in reincarnation not a popular view if one claims to be christian. But my research has led me to understand this concept. The problem that most people do not understand is that we are immortal we are spirit not flesh. It is only because of our conscious level (which is low) that that inhibits us from taking what was learned from a previous life into this life. So we are forced to start over again. The only prof I have of this is in my own life with my wife. Before I met her I had this deam that I was rushing into what apeared to be a burning castle to save this women from death. In this dream I save her pull her from the place I am dressed in armor and carry a weapon.

    One evening while I was still dating my wife she tells me this dream she has had when she was a little girl. To my surprise she told me she was a daughter of a power lord (in her dream) she lived in a beautiful castle and was inlove with a commander in her farthers army. The castle came under attack and she was trapped and the place was set on fire she thought she was dead but this man who she remembers as a commander in her fathers army came bursting into the room fire was everywhere the next thing she remembered from the dream was she was outside looking at the castle in flames and looking at what she said was her angel her love that saved her. I was like ... wow, um that's my dream. "I can still smell the smell of cherries in her hair." Which she said I remember washing my hair in water that had cherries placed in it for fregrance.

    There has always been something between her and I something very special. We have been married 8 years now and we do not fight we do not yell or become angry with each other. It's very strange my relationship with my wife the love we have for each other seems to have been with us for centeries. Yes, zenzero your perseption into this truth is correct we most likely have known each other most likely were friends in another time this is more of a asian concept but is infact a truth many in the world have not come to reconize. It makes me sad there are so many who are asleep and are afraid to wake up.

    Thank you for your kind words.
    You mean that we both are jobless. :D

    My job right now is school. :D I even get paid a little, since my scholarships + grants= more than tuition costs. :D

    Of course we can be friends. :D
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